Andropogon scoparius) Standort sonnig; Blüht von September bis Oktober; gute Frosthärte, attraktiver Fruchtschmuck; Wasserränder, Beete, Freiflächen; Steckbrief. Bronze flowers bloom in 3 inch long racemes on stems that rise above the plant in August. Stück. Because of this broad distribution, little bluestem … This is a plant that is not only beautiful virtually all year, but is truly a low maintenance plant. This forms an upright clump of blue-grey foliage, bearing narrow, medium-tall spikes in late summer. Jetzt bei bestellen! Dieses Gras ist die ideale Wahl für harmonische Kompositionen in Beeten und an Sitzecken. Standort . Výhodná cena od 69 Kč s rychlým doručením a 1000+ odběrnými místy. Federleicht und doch beeindruckend wirkt das Blaugraue Präriegras 'Prairie Blues'. Little bluestem 'Prairie Blues', Andropogon scoparius 'Prairie Blues' Genus. Female bumble bee queens nest at the base of bunch grasses, like Little Bluestem, where they are protected until they emerge in the Spring. Purplish bronze seed heads and yellow-orange leaves make for great fall interest in the landscape. von Es muss aber wirklich trocken / mager und sonnig stehen, sonst kippt es gern um. 98. Wuchsform. Clump-forming grass 24 feet tall, 12 feet wide, with narrow leaves that may be erect or arching. Schizachyrium scoparium 'Prairie Blues' Common Name: Little Bluestem, Ornamental Grass Little Bluestem is a native prairie grass that is said to have originated in Missouri. Like the species, this Schizachyrium scoparium cultivar produces downy white seeds … Eigenschaften "Schizachyrium (Andropogon) scoparium 'Blue Heaven' / Prärie-Besengras" Das Präriegras Schizachyrium scoparium 'Blue Heaven®' (Prärie-Besengras) ist eine robuste, hoch wachsende und vielfältige Variaton, die zunächst stahlblau ist und ihre Bätter dann zum Herbst ein warmes orange annehmen. Native to much of North America; an important grass in the native tall-grass prairie. Leaves turn to purple shades in the fall and remain showy throughout the winter. One died and the other two are about 6” tall. Schizachyrium scoparium was previously classified as Andropogon scoparius and is sometimes still listed as such. Grasses in Schizachyrium were once considered part of Andropogon.They are closely related genera. Bestenfalls steht die Pflanze an einem sonnigen Platz. Superb bronzy orange colour develops in … Schizachyrium scoparium, commonly called little bluestem, is native to prairies, fields, clearings, hills, limestone glades, roadsides, waste areas and open woods from Alberta to Quebec south to Arizona and Florida.It was one of the dominant grasses of the vast tallgrass prairie region which once covered rich and fertile soils in many parts of central North America. Budd's flora of the Canadian Prairie Provinces. beardgrass, prairie beardgrass, small feathergrass Scientific Names: Andropogon scoparius Description General: Little bluestem is a tufted (sometimes with short rhizomes), warm-season (C 4), perennial grass broadly distributed and native to the U.S. and Canada. Exquisite grey-blue, ribbon-like foliage with reddish-orange autumnal colors. Good for the middle of a border or rockery. 4. A group is also excellent as a transition plant when one needs to move from a formal area to a natural field or meadow. It can be found in the wild as far north as Quebec, east to Maine, south to Florida, and west to Arizona. 2. However, it does tolerate a wide range of soil conditions including infertility … Zu verdanken hat es dies einem filigranen Wuchs und dem wunderbaren Farbspiel seiner Halme. There is no current research on vernalization but a prudent recommendation for any perennial would be 6-12 weeks (a few might need 15 weeks!) Sie befinden sich hier > Gräser > Schizachyrium scoparium 'Prairie Blues' Schizachyrium scoparium 'Prairie Blues' (Syn. Little bluestem 'Prairie Blues', Andropogon scoparius 'Prairie Blues' Genus. 1-4 $5.99 ea. I echo the other reviewers. PLEASE NOTE: At certain times during the year, it is necessary for us to cut back our grasses prior to dispatch. Carex muskingumensis. Fig. Flower Height: 90 cm. Warm season grass and drought tolerant. Variety or Cultivar 'Prairie Blues' _ 'Prairie Blues' is a densely tufted, slowly spreading, clump-forming, deciduous perennial grass with erect stems bearing linear, blue-green to blue-grey leaves that turn orange-pink in autumn. Good for wildlife … Verspielt wirkt (bot.) These flowers are followed by seed heads which are fluffy and silver. AKA Schizachyrium scoparium 'The Blues'. 5-10 $4.99 ea. These blooms are great for floral arrangements, fresh or dried. This forms an upright clump of blue-grey foliage, bearing narrow, medium-tall spikes in late summer. Výhodná cena od 69 Kč s rychlým doručením a 1000+ odběrnými místy. der frühe Liefertermin hat der geamten Lieferung nicht gut getan, Blätter graugrün bis graublau, winterhart, trocken bis frisch, humusarm, lehmig-sandig, steinig, Freifläche, Steingärten, Beet, Wasserrand. Prairie Blues Little Bluestem - Andropogon scoparius 'Prairie Blues' Plant Details; Care & Info; Add to wishlist ; This greyish blue, medium-sized grass has thin ribbon-like leaf blades that fade to fluffy, silvery seed heads in late summer. Noteworthy Characteristics. 3. Synonym: Andropogon scoparius 'Prairie Blues' Please use availability information as a guide only. Tolerates heat and humidity. Formerly known as Andropogon scoparius. In … Es bevorzugt einen sonnigen Standort und einen möglichst durchlässigen Boden. Add your review. Es blüht im September. It is attractive planted en masse and would make an excellent addition to a rain garden. broom grass bunchgrass prairie grass wire grass little bluestem ... Synonyms Andropogon scoparius. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Andropogon scoparius 'Prairie Blues' - Blaugraues Garten-Präriegras 'Prairie… bei eBay. It has brown hazy seed heads in late summer and autumn. Blühzeit. thin, ribbon-like, greyish-blue, reddish-orange fall color, 1-2 plugs per 11/12 cm (4 1/2") / 2-3 plugs per 15 cm (6"). Bräunliche Garten-Segge. 5. 11-31 $3.99 ea. ab 2,05 € Zum Artikel. 1. It performs best in average, dry to medium moisture, well-drained soil in full sun. Seeds of more than 3700 different species and varieties, Klaus R. Jelitto: My Recollections of 50 Years in the Seed Trade, Perennial Plants of the Year/North America, Recommended growing techniques for Lupins, Providing the proper treatment for optimum germination. A native ornamental grass (Poaceae) with attractive blue-green foliage. Carex caryophyllea 'The Beatles' ab 2,05 € Zum Artikel. Spring Potted Plants (3-packs and trays of 38) ship when all plants are well-rooted and transit-ready, early May through June. Polsterartige Garten-Segge. ☘️ Vousatice metlatá 'Prairie Blues' - Andropogon scoparius 'Prairie Blues' - pohodlně online. Pečlivě balíme a garantujeme OK doručení či výměnu. 33. Their subtle differences sparked debates within the botanical community starting over 200 years ago. aka Andropogon scoparius. Schizachyrium scoparium 'Prairie Blues' Other names. Densely mounded, Little Bluestem reaches … More Detail More Detail. Foliage Height: 80 cm. Lovely foliage can be used in bouquets. Ideal entfaltet sich Schizachyrium scoparium 'Prairie Blues' in einem Steingarten, einer Felsanlage oder auf einer sonnigen Freifläche. Common name: Prairie Blues … SKU. Plants 3" Pots. , 19. Introduced by Jelitto Perennial Seeds in 2007; North American Indians once used dried leaves of the species for winter insulation in their moccasins. Little Bluestem, Popotillo Azul, Blue Stem, Broom Beard Grass, Broom Grass, Bunchgrass, Prairie Grass, Wire Grass, Andropogon scoparius Previous Next Noted for its striking reddish-tan foliage, Schizachyrium scoparium (Little Bluestem) is a densely-tufted, deciduous, perennial grass forming an upright clump of fine-textured, slender, arching, blue-green leaves. ab 3 September 2015. If you are sure you are already registered, please check the e-mail address you entered as user name. This is to … So unless you live in the desert, you not only can, but should neglect this plant. Und das ist wirklich schade. 'Prairie Blues' soll gut neben Aster oblongifolius'October Skies' stehen. aka Andropogon scoparius. This is a butterfly friendly plant. In fall it has fluffy silver seed heads that may persist into winter and rosy orange foliage. Little Bluestem is a highly ornamental native grass prized for its blue-green leaf color and upright form. von The foliage provides excellent color all season-long and creates the perfect backgrop for prairie flowers. Möchten Sie den Anblick aber noch ungeschnitten genießen, pflanzen Sie erst nach der Hauptfrostperiode im Frühjahr um (Februar / März) und schneiden das Gras dann bis auf 10-15 cm über dem Boden ab. Hier im Bild ist es aber noch sehr mickrig, obwohl schon 3 … It grows 3 to 3.5 ft. tall and 1.5 to 2 ft. wide. Schizachyrium scoparium 'Blue Heaven ®' (Syn. Prairie Blues Little Bluestem typically grows 4 feet tall in slender clumps. Silvery seed heads. Andropogon scoparius Prairie Blues is a densely tufted, slowly spreading, clump-forming, deciduous perennial grass with erect stems bearing linear, blue-green to blue-grey leaves that turn orange-pink in autumn. Plant der Gärtner den Standort, wählt er für das schöne Gras einen durchlässigen, frischen und neutralen Gartenboden. Many ornamental grasses make stunning displays when massed on a large scale. , 14. Meist werden sie aber in sehr trockenen und kalten Wintern unansehnlicher und sollten ausgeputzt werden. Für gewöhnlich erreicht … Terrific in the border or meadow. Sie changieren in aufregenden grauen bis blauen Tönen. lichtnelke - Blaues Bartgras (Andropogon scoparius ' Prairie Blues ') - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Bloom Time: Late summer into fall. aus München It is a good ornamental grass for hot, dry conditions. Prairie Winds ® 'Blue Paradise' Schizachyrium scoparium USPP 28,145, Can 5,650. Synonyms Andropogon scoparius Family Poaceae Genus Schizachrium are deciduous, perennial grasses with flat, linear leaves, upright growth and narrowly-branched flower sprays Good for wildlife in general. 0,50 bis 1,00 m . Schizachyrium scoparium - Little Bluestem, Prairie Beard Grass . Prairie Grass, Little Blue Stem. Schizachyrium Schizachyrium. einer Kundin oder einem Kunden Schizachyrium scoparium 'Prairie Blues' - Little Bluestem Prairie Blues. Grass Type: Warm Season. Pečlivě balíme a garantujeme OK doručení či výměnu. Please be aware that we are not answering emails regarding plants availability. It has brown hazy seed heads in late summer and autumn. Diese Präriegras gehört zu unseren Lieblingen, eine wunderbare Farbe von Stahlblau fast zu Orange, die sich besonders im Herbst zeigt. Laden Sie ein Bild hoch! Andropogon scoparius Prairie Blues description: Blue green foliage that turns an orange colour in the autumn. This drought tolerant grass has grey-blue vertical leaves, which turn pinkish orange in autumn, and ornamental silver flower heads. Silvery fluffy seed heads, Outstanding for naturalizing. Schizachyrium scoparium ‘Prairie Blues’ creates beautiful color blocks when planted in large sweeps and masses, and it tucks in nicely among flowering perennials and groundcovers. Gleichermaßen wundervoll wirkt das Blaugraue Präriegras 'Prairie Blues' als zurückhaltender Solitär. I purchased 3 grasses in the spring of 2020, along with 5 other plants All were planted along a fence by our pool. Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that … Little bluestem, Andropogon scoparius Michx. A mass planting will undulate in the breeze. The Blues (Schizachyrium scoparium 'The Blues'): 3 feet tall with an upright habit; blue foliage with red accents on stem; fall color is a mix of blue, purple and orange. As is the case with the other Schizachyrium, excessive water and nutrients will likely cause it to flop. Jetzt Postleitzahl eingeben& Winterhärte checken! Andropogon scoparius) (Little bluestem) at the Arboretum Location of Schizachyrium scoparium (syn. Präriegras 'Blue Heaven' Schizachyrium scoparium 'Blue Heaven' -R-ab 3,50 € Zum Artikel.

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