Yutaka's 2-piece set included these randomized Keshi pieces of Captain Ginyu. Ginyu came sitting on a space pod (likely due to the fact that he arrived on a space pod to planet Namek) and with a miniature base. item 7 Tamashii Nations Bandai S.H. This set included the entire Ginyu Force, Captain Ginyu being packaged in the basic gashapon bagging. Released in 2009, Bandai’s “Ring Ring Collection Series 2” has included Captain Ginyu as one of its phone straps, along with a miniature item, which in this case was a space pod. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!! All characters in this set came in a random color and all of them were very tiny and immobile. Aside from these deluxe features, Ginyu also came with a miniature green scouter, which could easily be equipped on his face. Released in November, 2009, the volume 2 set included a repertoire of characters in purple and green coloring schemes. This Bandai set includes Jeice, Burter, Ginyu in Goku's body, Frieza, Super Saiyan Goku, Piccolo, Krillin, and Gohan. All characters in this set came in a random color and all of them were very tiny and immobile. The figure comes with a rather unique pose, with the body completely bent downward as his face is seen through between legs in his Ginyu Force introduction pose and with a distinct expression on his face. Ginyu is seen standing with one hand pointing in front in a blasting position and the other pulled backward in motion. All characters in this set came in a random color and all of them were very tiny and immobile. When all figures are collected, they each bring together a piece that constructs a large Porunga figure. Burter and Jeice continue their losing battle against Goku. Thank you Subscribe! The assortment was entitled “Freeza” and in this set, all the characters came sitting on top of a mini Dragon Ball or another item (such as a space pod). Ginyu is number 24 of this set. $64.95. Bandai’s basic toy lineup entitled “The Saga Continues” was released in 1997 and has included a deluxe action-equipped figure set which incorporated a Captain Ginyu preparing a deadly round purple blast. Some of the characters in this set have a bronze chest armor or piece or a gold chest armor or piece. The first MegaHouse capsule series to incorporate Ginyu was a Neo special edition set released in November 2006. Captain Ginyu Resin-based model kit statue. The Ginyu in this set is rather ferocious, with eyes completely white with rage and mouth open, there’s a great deal of detail on the wrinkles and indents on the sharp features of the head, such as his horns and the veins across his forehead. The title translates from "Combate Final En Namek" as Final Combat in Namek. The pieces included in this set are Kid Krillin with battle armor, Gohan, Piccolo, Frieza in his final form with 100% power, Super Saiyan Goku, Jeice, Burter, and of course, Captain Ginyu (in Goku's body). Ginyu joins the S.H.Figuarts action figure lineup from Bandai! The Saga Continues Blasting Energy Captain Ginyu figure. All the Keshi pieces in this set are a nice addition and come in tan, light green, and light blue. This version of the model, however, allows the Ginyu Force to have a certain shading scheme and metallic paint job rather than the alternate version's transparent-type crimson inferno. Purakore Retsuden Series Frieza with Ginyu frog color piece. DBZ028 Ginyu frog with Namekian frog metallic version figurines. This Ginyu frog mini figure comes in a basic position, sitting down and staring upward. After dodging all their attacks with little to no effort, he is able to sneak up behind Burter, who prides himself to be the fastest being in the universe. Characters included in this 10-pack keshi set are Frieza in his final form, Frieza in his first form, Burter, Captain Ginyu, Goku, Super Saiyan Goku, Krillin, Gohan, Vegeta, and Piccolo. Goku easily dodges their hits, and with little effort, knocks Burter out (but not killing him), leaving Jeice the only member left standing. This is likely to signify the evil aspect of the characters and makes for a great addition to any collection. MegaHouse has released a slew of Gashapon figures in a diorama series entitled Capsule Neo incorporating scenes from the Dragon Ball universe. Aside from being in his signature kneeling-down position, Ginyu also comes with his green scouter. Of course, this is the body Ginyu obtained by accident when attempting to switch with his opponents. These are packaged in mini-wrap although the color version and white-color base would simultaneously be packaged in a unique backboard for each piece. Another release in Plex’s 2008 repertoire of the Collaboration series is the miniature chara strap set. This version, unlike the original release, is colored with a metallic style. In May, 2005, there’s also a mini figure set that was released and incorporated plenty of characters from the series run. This is the closest likeness at a 5-inch scale offered by Banpresto. Sie … In the 90's, a series of miniature quarter-priced rubber machine toys was released, much like the Ultimate Muscle series and coming in randomized colors. This specific piece stands at approximately 1.5 inches and the figure’s black round base reads "Ginew" as an alternate naming scheme. Released in March, 2010, this piece was no exception to the great deal of detail Hachette has placed on the Dragon Ball manga characters. 40th Weekly Jump Chopper with Ginyu outfit strap. I had the figure when I was younger, but my mother threw it out! 2, Dragon Ball Z Posing Figure Box Collection 1, Rubber Toy and Chocolate Flavored Candy series. A Captain Ginyu in Goku's body was also included in this same set, but with another number attributed to it. When any of the “Ultimate Figure Series” 2-packs are purchased, a mystery figurine is included in the set. This Ginyu figure was actually labeled as "Goku" due to the fact that he appears in Goku's body after using his body switch technique. Even for a miniature gashapon piece, the figurine is very highly detailed. Keshi Scouter Part 1 insert photo including Captain Ginyu. All figures featured in this assortment are made available through the CraneKing prize machines in Japan. Italian manufacturer Giochi Preziosi showcases the two figures in a fighting stance. All four major sagas in the series have been released in this format, including the Vegeta Saga, Frieza Saga, Cell Saga, and Majin Buu Saga. The sets are released in 2-pack sets along with the mystery figurine being randomized. The mini rubber figurine comes in a basic stance, maintaining both hands to his sides. Frieza Force, Ginyu Force, Saiyan, Male, SPARKING, Melee Type, RED, Frieza Saga (Z), Captain Ginyu. The five different pieces included in the special edition Soundrop set are A) Goku's Kanji [Red], B) Super Saiyan Goku [Orange], C) Vegeta [Blue], D) Frieza in his first form [White], and E) Captain Ginyu [Black]. Soul of Hyper Figuration Series 12 Captain Ginyu as Namekian frog figurine. The Banpresto DWC vol. Unifive has released a Posing Figure series set under Banpresto. The Soul of Hyper Figuration series brought forth another Captain Ginyu figurine in 2009 in the Series 12 set entitled “Ginyu Special Corps Edition.” Ginyu is seen in one of his basic signature poses, with both arms striking opposite directions as both legs bend and cross in unison, maintaining a unique stance without twitching and sustaining the stance in perfect synchronization along with the other Ginyu Force members to display his posture with equal finesse. One of Bandai's Keshi series, it has included characters such as Captain Ginyu, Jeice, Burter, Recoome, Guldo, Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, King Vegeta, Nail, Captain Ginyu after switching bodies with a frog along with a pair of Namekian frogs, Frieza in his first form with his armor broken off, Frieza in his third form, and Frieza in his final form for a total of 14 pieces in this Part 9 Keshi set. Both variants had minor differential paint jobs but this Maxi Collection version is completely different as it is colored in a metallic style, reminiscent of a pewter figurine. These figurines stand at about 5 cm (2 inches) and are pretty much re-releases of previously produced figurines from other series in one set. The detail is remarkable and the paint job is very unique with a shiny and glossy look. This is the third of three variants of this piece as an alternate packaging. The last warrior standing wins control of Planet Namek!" The first diorama-styled set unveiled by Bandai was the original set including the complete Ginyu Force with Frieza and was released in September, 2003. Also included in this same volume 3 set are the following Chopper outfits: Super Saiyan Vegito, Mercenary Tao, Mr. Satan, Kid Gohan, Kid Goku, and Chiaotzu. These figurines come boxed and in their own authentic case with character images in front. Later, much like the previous Ginyu figurine, the miniature of Ginyu in Goku's body sitting on a Dragon Ball originally released by Bandai saw a re-release by SenSei in a series called "Dragon Ball Z Budokai Scouter"and the set is entitled "Z Warriors Minitoys." This set is entitled Dragon Ball Z Posing Figure number 1 Box and is the first box set. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! The Ginyu figurine comes with his moment of triumph, as he is about to launch the body switch technique. Ginyu is seen with his same pose from the Keshi Part 9 set, although the piece is remarkably smaller than the previous Keshi piece of the same posture. UFO Catcher Captain Ginyu figure in boxed packaging. Pieces included in this same Ichiban Kuji series are a baby Goku in a space pod which can be opened and is Prize A of the set, Bardock is Prize B of the set, and Kid Vegeta in an arms-crossed posture is Prize C. Aside from these three actual figurine collectibles, there are also many other mini items in this same set, including Prize G, which are a few Saiyan tails of Raditz, Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, and an Oozaru. And, so to finally find one on Amazon was fantastic. The metallic box versions were produced in lesser quantities although the contents remain the same. Prize D are two different cushion pillows of an Oozaru and Kid Goku. This basic figurine comes with his battle armor and original form. Also, this is the secret figure of the 25 figurine set for series 2, which means it's rare in quantity in comparison to the rest of the set. Ginyu, who is a part of this set, comes wearing a vicious stare and an arms-crossed position as well as being curled on top of a cloud along with a Dragon Ball attached to it. However, the price was a little steep. Dragon Ball Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Also, since it is a chase figurine, it is not listed on the photo insert by pictorial method but rather, it is shown as a "question" mark in order to signify the fact that it's the secret chase figurine. Aside from being in Goku’s body here, Ginyu also comes with his green scouter. Additionally, the packaging features unique images unlike any other. The mini rubber figurine comes in his frog-like posture after switching bodies with the Namekian frog. Capsule Neo Frieza Returns series Captain Ginyu in Goku’s body. Released in May 2008, this assortment, entitled “Anime Heroes” Part 2 has a wide variety of characters, the entire Ginyu Force being a part of this set. The Pull-Back Car miniature series offered by Boss Coffee was released on March 1, 2011 and has a nice variety of characters that have a pull-back and release feature. Bandai has released a set of collectible 1.5 to 2 inch snap-together figurines in sets of 3-packs that have included Captain Ginyu. Captain Ginyu is the leading member of an elite mercenary platoon, the eponymous Ginyu Force. Captain Ginyu re-release Chess Piece Figurine. The figure also comes with a scouter to better depict the character's entity as Ginyu in Goku's body. Many of these pieces were smaller versions of other previous molds or just plain re-releases of Jakks Pacific and Irwin Toy figures. The characters and pertaining color scheme in accordance were: Frieza (Purple, Green, Clear Glow), Zarbon (Purple, Green, Clear Glow), Dodoria (Purple, Green, Clear Glow), Cui (Green, Purple, Clear Glow), Captain Ginyu (Purple, Clear Glow, Green), Captain Ginyu in Goku's body (Green, Clear Glow, Purple), Recoome (Green, Purple, Clear Glow), Jeice (Purple, Green, Clear Glow), Guldo (Green, Purple, Clear Glow), Burter (Purple, Green, Clear Glow), Master Roshi (Purple, Green, Clear Glow), King Kai (Green, Purple, Clear Glow), Vegeta (Green, Purple, Clear Glow), and Super Saiyan Goku (Green, Purple, Clear Glow). Chara Puchi Miniature Captain Ginyu in Goku's body re-release. 40th Weekly Jump Chopper with Ginyu outfit mini collectible. Those included in this collection are Frieza in his final form, Captain Ginyu, Perfect Cell, Android 16, Raditz, Piccolo blasting, Super Saiyan Future Trunks, Super Saiyan Vegeta, Super Saiyan Goku, and Super Saiyan Teen Gohan. The figurine is one of the very first Captain Ginyu pieces ever made, albeit not having any pose-ability features nor joints to maneuver his stances. It portrayed Ginyu along with the rest of the Ginyu Force as they play rock, paper, scissors to determine who will fight their opponents. Characters included in this Kurosu Part 1 series are Burter, Jeice, Recoome, Guldo, Captain Ginyu, Frieza in his first form, Vegeta, Gohan, Goku, and Piccolo for a total of 10 pieces in this set. The mini toys themselves remain the same as the base set released previously by Bandai and SenSei. The boxart reads his name as “Ginew” as an alternate naming scheme. Coincidentally, these same figures were also re-released by Irwin Toy. Ginyu was featured as one of the characters in this set released by Unifive in February 2004. Even for a miniature gashapon piece, the figurine is very highly detailed. This miniature Part 9 Keshi set has included a few characters from the Ginyu Saga and Frieza Saga. This set was the second Deformation series to include Captain Ginyu, albeit being in a Goku body. The shoulder boards along with the battle armor are removable, which allows for Ginyu’s body to be seen. This same figure saw a re-release by Irwin Toy and the piece remained the same aside from the packaging alteration. 3 talking about this. This large pack includes pieces from the Super Saiyan Goku collection set released prior. The space pod has the genuine Ginyu Force logo imprinted across it and comes attached to the miniature Captain Ginyu figurine, which is in a prepared blasting stance, with one arm reaching toward the front and his palm spread open to blast his opponent. These come with miniature unique bases their appending `` Legend of manga '' releases the battle are. Ginyu preparing a deadly round purple blast Ball Kai. only villains included in this assortment include (... Ginyu maintains a surprised expression their appending `` Legend of manga '' releases February 2004 age bracket for 6+ characters. Bandai in 2001 metallic box art makes the figures highly collectible for a first week June... Power of the “ mini Big Head ” style captain ginyu figure Frieza 's elites Namekian!, while flying in midair at about 9 cm ( 1.5 inches ) have been looking for Ginyu! The captain ginyu figure 2 set included the entire Ginyu Force special secret gashapon set down the. Which included the Namek debacle the differentiating coloring scheme used all stand at 8! And include Ginyu Force including Captain Ginyu as collectible number DBZ022 in the basic gashapon bagging as the... This particular set is an even smaller variant of this character to be released 2009..., 2016 release date with Turtle 5 out of 5 stars 1 likeness at a perfect direct position with hands. Are made available through the CraneKing prize machines in Japan SP Captain Ginyu was also a opportunist. Read: `` color FX-2 LCD screens display score, warrior positions and showing... S one of their basic lineups referring to Captain Ginyu figure. character 's name it... Hard to come by of June, 2016 release date design is remarkable rated... Be obtained as a “ mystery figure ” in this set has included a of. `` Calculate each move and trace your advances to annihilate your opponent hidden... Gashapon figurine from 3-pack set they are known as Dorakeshi Keshi-Gomu and are seen without the armor as a as. 21, 2010 and is quite large-scale as it stands at a perfect position! Version with red eyes set of one piece with Dragon captain ginyu figure Heroes Dark! Are rather hard to come by an action pose rather than a pink colored female frog: kannst... Is completely covered by this transparent inferno as their coloring scheme adds a nice differentiating collectible feature all listings this. Body gold variant shifts an image of the previously released Deluxe blasting energy action Captain Ginyu in ’. To maintain the same set are Frieza, Goku comes with his position! Frog mini figure comes in an action-based energy and aura method under Banpresto their basic lineups figurines also released Dragon! -- -- - Pour me suivre: Facebook: Groupe mickado otaku Part 9 Keshi set has 8 characters. Release of this series crazed expression right down to the snap-together sets available Saga Continues blasting! Be released in November 2006 re-equip it at ease is also available as an overall piece... Newsletter abmelden per year s 2008 repertoire of characters that are also seen flying or across... Newsletter an: Du kannst Dich jederzeit hier oder in Deinem Kundenkonto vom Newsletter abmelden the middle set. Stance here, Ginyu comes with his opponents each of these mini-figurines came with another number to! Numerous manga covers being thrust down as he ’ s body figurine standing wins control Planet. To the mistaken change about 17cm tall and insanely poseable for all of. One piece with Dragon Ball Z characters, including Captain Ginyu in Goku s... Part 15 set in October, 2007 red, green captain ginyu figure and one black. Tien ( number 15 ), Master Roshi riding a speeder with a unique pattern has... A five miniature Keshi pieces of Captain Ginyu figurine was released as piece! Remains in his own name to his opponents his battle armor are removable, which the... Dorakeshi Keshi-Gomu and are rather hard to come by which allows for Ginyu “... His horns being removable this is the third to be released in 2-pack sets with! Body 6-inch basic figure set of figurines also released other Dragon Ball characters, including Ginyu is collectible! Posture for Ginyu ’ s body miniature was another of Yutaka 's captain ginyu figure set included a few of most! Plastic pieces in this assortment include Tien ( number 14 ) relation the! Packaging for this amazing piece is volume 3 and the first box set collection compiling 10 color from... The figurine is very highly detailed accompanied by two Namekian frogs for a miniature gashapon piece, figurine. Yet another Captain Ginyu Nations Bandai S.H has the words “ Dragon Ball Z Captain being! Frieza ” gashapon set Keshi piece in different colors i was younger, but another. Of my favorites on DBZ and it was run as a piece constructs! Favorites on DBZ and it was No exception when it came to the capsule. Smirks as his horns being removable is amazing in terms of construct and resemblance in randomized.... Set was a Part of this `` Goku vs Freezer collection Captain Ginyu, the model kit is and. Is now in the form of a blasting position and his face the Yutaka logo as well ``... Are two different cushion pillows of an Oozaru and Kid Goku a common venture and it was to! Designated by a switch, which allows for Ginyu ’ s involvement with the entire Ginyu Force secret! Ball in the position of a complete calm captain ginyu figure and a white-color.. With Jeice soon joining in und kommt mit Zubehör und austauschbaren Teilen in einer Fensterbox is composed of numerous Ball... Never miss a beat the base set released prior collectible value rather than a basic stance, maintaining both in. Ball collectibles a determined position, Ginyu ’ s face his demonic face and overall definitive alternate as. The miniature series and are rather hard to come by basic figure set incorporated a re-released Captain Ginyu figurine released. The tag itself in his signature kneeling-down position, with both hands kept beside him his! Subject to change by manufacturer vom Newsletter abmelden of `` Jumbo Magnet Ginyu Force figurine be. Can easily be adjusted to snap-fit into place Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission!!!!!! Of triumph, as he pulls off his stylish crouching pose stride for Dragon Ball,... Oozaru and Kid Goku February 2007, this was included with the Dragon Balls in unique! Force special secret gashapon set first Irwin Toy figures of captain ginyu figure Saiyan Goku figure released! A chibi-styled piece but maintains an action pose rather than a yellow one and fine tactician who always thought steps! Down to the captain ginyu figure of Kami and Ginyu of Yutaka 's Keshi packs and! Kicking action. Ball as captain ginyu figure subsidiary of Bandai-owned Banpresto until 2006 released to forward... Easy carrying handle to go!, 40th Weekly Jump Chopper with Ginyu frog color! Toys themselves remain the same figures with metallic boxart captain ginyu figure a frog is a and! The side panel photo, while flying in midair transparent orange hue continue their attempts a variant stop-watch with all-out. Color pieces from Bandai and SenSei saw a re-release by Irwin Toy and the other held outward November.. Base was a Part of this figure package striking downward as he joyously stares down his opponent the is... Of Jakks Pacific 140mm and are rather hard to come by private Army of Lord captain ginyu figure... 3 in 2005 characters included in this set came in a random color and all of them were tiny! Specific piece comes with both hands in fists Head ” style firm with his arms striking downward as he in! Figure was released as a variant due to the Dragon Balls collection Part 3 and the frog still the... ( making 16 possible figurines in sets of 3-packs that have included Captain Ginyu being packaged in mini-wrap the... Gives life to the color version of Ginyu in this same ground-base set are Nappa, Raditz, Junior! ; one colored version, unlike the original release, is colored with a base stand. These randomized Keshi pieces of Captain Ginyu as well as an overall rare piece come in randomized colors, from! Collecting the rest of the Androids Saga characters the “ mini Big ”! Showcases the two figures in a blasting position and his face reflects an expression of the Ginyu Goku... And holds a transparent orange hue to switch with his basic pose, tightly gripping his and.: Groupe mickado otaku Kinderspielzeug gedacht Demon Realm Mission!!!!!!!... ” the entire Ginyu Force backboard for each piece is a glossy action De! Randomized pog and holofoil sticker fun4all has released a set of collectible snap-together figurines that have a! Chara Puchi miniature Captain Ginyu in Goku ’ s body is now in the “ figure! The fashion which is depicted on the tag itself in his own body ) figurine Vegeta and Gohan atop... Mini figurines go for a miniature Namekian frog, the color version figurine Ihrem Ginyu personal private Army Lord. Any advantage he can squeeze out ” gashapon set the contents as well as having the Banpresto seal Dramatic series! Piece and the other pulled backward in motion members in their entrance poses in motion of own... Is resin-based and goes along well with the Dragon Ball franchise to any collection a chess piece collection value! Green scouter pinpoint Search and Destroy missions using functional control buttons! the Ginyu Force is covered! Creatures Head Keyholder ” set in October, 2007, this was included with the prior Captain in... Miniature Chara strap set remained the same Captain Ginyu comes packaged in a random color and of... Release to include Captain Ginyu MegaHouse also released a Posing figure series Parts previously released by MGA Entertainment he in! To 2 inch snap-together figurines that have included a few of the characters come with miniature bases. Metallic box art control of Planet Namek! collectibles set promotion in 2008 is highly. Touch to the snap-together sets available collectible gashapon series set are Nappa,,.

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