Indian J. Anim. Few digestibility values have been reported. Quantitative observations on the morphology of E. indicaand S. pyramidalis are indicated in Table 1. J Anim. africana using caryopsis and bracteole morphology. Akar Akar Rumput Belulang (Eleusine indica (L.) Gaertn.) Montpellier, France & Cotonou, Bénin, Cirad-AfricaRice eds. Does not include altitudinal distribution, which is covered under Habitat. F… Ibadan, Nigeria, 521 p. Berhaut J., 1967. Variables of interest to ecologists include the composition, distribution, amount (biomass), number, and changing states of organisms within and among ecosystems. Flowering and fruiting do not depend on the photoperiod as day length remains between 6 and 14 hours. Variables d'intérêt pour l'écologie (composition, distribution, biomasse, allelopathie). Graminées du Cameroun, Vol. Holm L. G., Plucknett D. L., Pancho J. V. & Herberger J. P., 1977. Cirad, Montpellier, France. E. indica seeds germinated best without glumes, at alternating temperatures of 20/35 deg C in light. In vivo DM digestibility was 54% measured on goats (Regmi et al., 2009). India 7: 293. Pour des conseils de désherbage des graminées annuelles du riz irrigué et de bas-fond en Afrique, consulter :, Madagascar : En rizières irriguées, la submersion prolongée élimine progressivement E. indica. バ [Japanese]; 왕바랭이 [Korean]; ഇന്ത്യൻ ഗൂസ്, ഗ്രാസ്സ് [Mayalayam]; Rumput Sambau [Bahasa Melayu]; Kifungambuzi [Kiswahili]; Paragis [Tagalog]; mần trầu [Vietnamese]; 牛筋草 [Chinese] (USDA, 2019; Wikipedia, 2019). The seedlings can be eaten raw or cooked as vegetables and the seeds can be cooked whole or ground into flour in times of scarcity in India (Ecocrop, 2019; Lim, 2016). Prefers the cultivated and disturbed areas, typical weed of rice and other crop under short follow rotation. Chabaud, K. Naudin, Rakotondramanana et L. Séguy (2010). Dpt of Forests, Div. 2ème éd. goosegrass. Agricultural weeds as alternative feed resource for ruminants in Bangladesh. The Alabama Plant Atlas is a source of data for the distribution of plants within the state as well as taxonomic, conservation, invasive, and wetland information for each species. Asian-Austr. Les épillets se composent de 3 à 9 fleurs, ils sont disposés à la face inférieure de l'axe de l'épi. [accessed 08 January 2020]. Techn. The website also provides access to a database and images of plants photos and herbarium specimens found at … GrassBase - The Online World Grass Flora. Very few studies have been conducted on the forage potential of Eleusine indica for ruminant, in spite of its good resistance to repeated cutting, moderate drought and shade, probably because it is considered as a weed (Regmi et al., 2009). In Cirad [ed.]. Intake and digestibility of, Bhannasiri, T., 1970. The seed is a rugose caryopsis, 1-1.3 mm long, enclosed in a very loose, membranous pericarp (FAO, 2017). Revised edition. Goose grass is one of the popular grass species in India. Seasonal migration and reproduction are usually treated separately. Finger millet (Eleusine coracana ssp. GrassBase - The Online World Grass Flora. Le cycle de vie est traité dans le champ "Cycle de vie". Green feeds for rabbits in West and Central Java. Life cycles are treated in the field for Life Cycle. Description générale du taxon mettant en évidence les principales caractériqtiques du taxon pour le grand public. The results can also be downloaded as a CSV file (Unicode UTF-8 encoding).. See "Status", "Confidence level", "Source" for definitions. The world’s worst weeds: distribution and biology. Cayenne, Guyane, FREDON Guyane: 186. Thèse Dc. FAO, Rome, Italy, FAO, 2017. (2007). Herbarium pictures ReCOLNAT:, Images d'herbiers ReCOLNAT :, Best supported on Google Chrome, Firefox 3.0+, Internet Explorer 8.0+, Safari 4.0+, Opera 10+. Brit. Eleusine indica . Le développement de cette espèce est facilement limité par les opérations de travail du sol (labour, sarclage, buttage) précoces. University of Hawai‘i Press/Bishop Museum Press, Honolulu. In Zimbabwe, it has been reported to provide the greater part of grazing in the first year in recently planted pastures (Chippindall et al., 1976). Common weeds of Central Sudan. stricta (Roxb.) Décrire le rythme biologique - Les états et conditions caractérisés par une répétition régulière dans le temps (seconde, heure, jour, saison). 9th Int. Les feuilles sont alternes, distiques et dressées obliquement. Ouganda : fréquente et généralement abondante. Médicinal : A Madagascar, Eleusine indica est utilisée en embrocation sur entorses et foulures. 158p; G. W. Ivens (1989). Inc., Orem, Utah. Guide des adventices d'Afrique de l'Ouest. A manual for the identification of the vascular plants of the island. Annexe 1 - Antananarivo : GSDM/CIRAD, 2010 : 64 p. Berton, A. The culms are geniculate at the base, slender and compressed. Collins, Salisbury, Rhodesia, Clayton, W. D. ; Harman, K. T. ; Williamson, H., 2006. f., Fl. Ils sont aplatis latéralement en éventail, longs de 4 à 8 mm et larges de 3 à 6 mm, comprenant 3 à 9 fleurs. Madagascar : Espèce de fréquence relativement faible mais localement abondante et nuisible pour les cultures fumées ou des bas-fond et dans les zones à sols volcaniques (Antsirabe, Itasy) : maïs, riz pluvial, cultures maraîchères. Lisse et glabre. Décrire les usages connus ou avantages potentiels de l'espèce pour l'homme, au niveau économique direct, comme des instruments de l'éducation, de la prospection, de l'éco-tourisme, etc. The World's Worst Weeds : Distribution and Biologie. 1919 pp. Another feature in Eleusine indica is the varia- tion in shape exhibited by the antipodals which are sometimes balloon-like. In Malaysia, it was reported to be resistant to herbicide glufosinate (Jalaludin et al., 2010). Weeds of New Guinea and their control. Preliminary findings of potentially resistant goosegrass (, Lim, T. K., 2016. Institut Fur Pflanzengenetik Und Kulturpflanzenforschung Gatersleben (COR), Henty, E. E.; Pritchard, G. H., 1975. Limbe long de 10 à 35 cm et large de 3 à 10 mm, linéaire, plié à la base puis aplati vers le sommet, qui se termine en coin aigu. Origin of Finger Millet. Keywords: Field pathogenomics, Wheat blast, Phylogenomic analysis, Eleusine indica, Oryza sativa Background Outbreaks caused by fungal diseases have increased in frequency and are a recurrent threat to global food se-curity [1]. In any event, the source must be explicitly quoted. Can include ecosystem services. In India and Africa, because of the importance of E. coracana, only bioherbicidal control using local agents was possible. The flora of Guam. Ne comprend pas la distribution altitudinale, qui est traité dans le champ "habitat". It is a threat in arable land, in lawns and in plantations and nurseries (Swarbrick et al., 1997). E. indica is a tufted annual grass, prostrate and spreading, or erect to about 40 cm, depending on density of vegetation but not usually rooting at the nodes. Starr-170626-9958-Eleusine indica-with Forest and Laysan Albatross chicks in old concrete structure-Near Sea Plane Hangar Sand Island-Midway Atoll … E.P.S. Chiov. 1: 8. The therapeutic benefit of the medicinal plants is often attributed to their antioxidant properties. Son enracinement est puissant et profond. Rabbit Res., 8 (4): 181-182, Regmi, P. R.; Devkota, N. R., 2009. GTZ, Verlag Josef Margraf ed. However, a trial in Equator reported that Eleusine indica did not seem palatable to beef cattle when it was present as weed in improved pastures in the dry season, even though its protein content and in vitro DM digestibility were fairly good (Nuwanyakpa et al., 1983). The Board of Trustees, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Ecocrop, 2019. FAO, Rome, Italy, Fraps, G. S., 1929. Weed Biol. Cooperative Extension, which staffs local offices in all 100 counties and with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. J., 75 (3): 566-569, Orden, E. A. ; Serra, A. Verlag Paul Parey, Berlin, Hambourg : 587-665. B. ; Serra, S. D. ; Aganon, C. P. ; Cruz, E. M. ; Cruz, L. C. ; Fujihara, T., 1999. Iqbal M(1), Gnanaraj C. Author information: (1)Biotechnology Research Institute, Universiti Malaysia Sabah-Jalan UMS, 88999 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Turfiles: Goose grass. 124 pp. 180 pp. Includes cues, strategies, restraints, rates. Guyane : Espèce très fréquente en zone maraichère, souvent en bordure de parcelle, proche des canaux de drainage. Effects of nitrogen fertilization and cutting height on the forage yield and feeding value of, Sen, K. M. ; Macey, G. L., 1965. Côte d'Ivoire : fréquente et peu abondante. Ivens G. W., Moody K. & Egunjobi J. K., 1978. Describes techniques and goals used in management of species - breeding and cultivation, control etc. Le grain est ellipsoïde et nu, de couleur rougeâtre à noir. Un descriptif textuel de l'espèce pas nécessairement structuré. The spikelets are appressed, disposed in two rows on a single side of the rachis. The seeds produced at this time are not dormant and germinate immediately. (Hint :- add multiple references separated by a line break (hit Enter)), Updated species field : Uses and Management > Management,, Early botanists suggested a probable Indian origin for finger millet from its wild progenitor Eleusine indica. East-West Center, University Press of Hawaii. South Pacific Commission, Noumea, New Caledonia. Goose grass (Eleusine indica (L.) Gaertn.) and resembles it, which makes its elimination difficult in fields of cultivated finger millet (Husson et al., 2012). Chimiquement, elle est bien contrôlée par la plupart des herbicides de pré-levée (alachlore, atrazine, oxadiazon, pendiméthaline, diuron). Local control, (Doses are expressed in commercial products) - 2014, Lutte chimique : Eleusine indica peut être maîtrisée par des traitements de pré-levée dans le maïs. Covers ranges, e.g., a global range, or a narrower one; may be biogeographical, political or other (e.g., managed areas like conservencies); endemism; native or exotic. Eleusine indica L. possesses antioxidant activity and precludes carbon tetrachloride (CCl₄)-mediated oxidative hepatic damage in rats. coracana (L.) Fiori Eleusine indica var. Mineral concentration in blood of grazing goats and some forage in lahar-laden area of Central Luzon, Philippines. La base de la gaine est blanchâtre. Peut inclure des services écosystémiques. Action pilotée par le ministère français chargé de l'agriculture de l’agroalimentaire et de la forêt, avec l’appui financier de l’Office national de l'eau et des milieux aquatiques, sur les crédits issus de la redevance pour pollutions diffuses attribués au financement du plan Ecophyto. The root system is particularly tough and difficult to pull out (Ecocrop, 2019). It is a small annual grass distributed throughout the warmer areas of the world. Le limbe est lisse, sauf à la surface supérieure où il est pourvu de longs poils flexueux. Carène anguleuse. La base de la gaine est blanchâtre. Relations that living organisms have with respect to each other and their natural environment. Cultural operations such as weeding and mounding result in new emergence although these are less abundant. is called the morphology of that living being. Décrire le comportement et la physiologie de la reproduction, incluant fécondation et traits de vie (taux de reproduction...). Wageningen Agric. Chemical composition of selected green plants available to small ruminants in the dry season in humid Nigeria. Eleusine indica subsp. No. Glume inférieure de 1 à 3 mm de long et glume supérieure de 2,5 à 5 mm de long, membraneuses, lancéolées, présentant une nervure centrale marquée et scabre. Papers 92 - 1, Wageningen, 557 p. Clayton, W.D., Vorontsova, M.S., Harman, K.T. It is tolerant of heavy disturbance like trampling, organic pollution and can grow along sewage lines, gutters easily. M.O. A general description, with any kind of information about the taxon. It is found from sea level up to 1200-2000 m altitude in disturbed land, waste places , along roadsides and riversides, beaches and open banks and in damp marshlands. 640 p. Merlier H. & Montégut J., 1982. Sci., 12 (3): 422-428, Prawirodigdo, S., 1985. from 420 pp. Peut inclure la gestion par rapport à un projet de loi, par exemple, une liste de la CITES. Maurice : Adventice assez fréquente dans les champs de canne à sucre, avec une nuisibilité faible. Etude de la dynamique de la végétation après abandon de la culture au Nord-Cameroun. The ecology, morphology, production and physiology of Eleusine indica seeds were studied. Données acquises à La Réunion sur l’efficacité des produits herbicides dans le cadre du Réseau herbicide canne à sucre par eRcane avec le financement de l’ODEADOM et de l’ONEMA. Feedipedia, a programme by INRAE, CIRAD, AFZ and FAO. L'inflorescence est formée de 2 à 10 racèmes digités et dressés obliquement, linéaires, longs de 3 à 15 cm et larges de 3 à 7 mm. It is a tufted annual grass, prostrate and spreading, or erect to about 40 cm, depending on densit… It is an invasive species in some areas. II, Flore. The chemical composition of some indigenous grasses of coastal savanna of Ghana at different stages of growth. Über die Verbreitung von Eleusine indica und E. tristachya (Gramineae) in Österreich Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien, B 116: 181-190. C'est une espèce très tolérante au tassement du sol. La base de la gaine est blanchâtre. Ikhimioya, I. ; Olagunju, B. O., 1996. Please click here to read it. Manual of the flowering plants of Hawaii. Coracana) is easily separated from its wild progenitor E. coracana ssp. Cédérom. Parfois abondante dans les par-celles de légumes durant la saison des pluies notamment à Cacao. Swarbrick, J. T., 1997. La préfoliaison est pliée. Les feuilles sont assez larges et pliées, disposées à plat. It can grow on very shallow or compacted soils (Wagner et al., 1999). ORSTOM-GERDAT-ENSH éd., Montpellier, France, 490 p. Stanfield D.P., 1970. It is a small annual grass distributed throughout the warmer areas of the world to about 50 degrees latitude. Morphology. (Figure 1) is an annual erect plant, with the culm having 15-40 cm in length, 0.6 mm in diameter, glabrous, branched in the upper part, not just at … 209. Eleusine indica (L.) Gaertn., Fruct. There is content in another language. Adventices tropicales. This rapid development cycle enables this species to produce seeds before the first weeding, especially if it is late. Les mauvaises herbes dans la rotation cotonnière au Nord-Cameroun (Afrique) - Amplitude d'habitat et degré d'infestation - Cycle de développement. Oxford University Press, Ibadan, Nigeria, 255 p. Husson, O., H. Charpentier, F.-X. The threats to which this taxon is subject. Eastern Africa weeds control. Goose grass was reported to yield up to 30 t/ha of fresh matter (Ecocrop, 2019). It can however be a productive forage providing up to 30 t/ha of fresh matter, and it can be eaten by livestock at early stages of growth (Ecocrop, 2019; FAO, 2017). B. ; Serra, S. D. ; Orden, E. A. ; Cruz, L. C. ; Nakamura, K. ; Fujihara, T., 1997. 245p, Flora Societensis: A summary revision of the flowering plants of the Society Islands. Stanfield and Lowe ed., Ibadan University Press, Ibadan, Nigeria, 118 p. Akobundu I.O. Burkina Faso : fréquente et peu abondante. The asterisk * indicates that the average value was obtained by an equation. Eleusine indica can be used as forage. Eleusine indica est répandue dans toutes les régions tropicales. East African Weeds and Their Control. Etude des mauvaises herbes dans la rotation cotonnière (cotonnier, maïs, sorgho, ara... Caractérisation des enherbements en culture de lentille à La Réunion. La source doit être explicitement citée. In Nepal, it could yield 1.83–3.82 t/ha of DM through 5 harvests during the dry season (Regmi et al., 2009). Le bord présente des touffes de longs poils. Tropicultura, 14 (3): 115-117, Jackson, F. S. ; McNabb, W. C. ; Barry, T. N. ; Foo, Y. L. ; Peters, J. S., 1996. Indian Goose Grass (Eleusine indica) About Indian Goose Grass Indian Goose Grass is a Grass. Comores : adventice commune. Eleusine indica is a pantropical and subtropical grass. The current map showing distribution of species is only indicative. Bénin : Eleusine indica est rare mais abondante quand elle est présente. Hierarchy contributed by the species page author. Known or potential benefits of the species for humans, at a direct economic level, as instruments of education, prospecting, eco-tourism, etc. de Yaoundé, Cameroun, 192 p. Koch W., 1981. Zaharaby, A. K. M. ; Mia, M. M. ; Reza, A. ; Khan, M. J. ; Ali, M. L., 2001. Suboptimale N‐Gaben verminderten die Konkurrenzkraft des Reises in Mischbeständen mit Eleusine indica, Rottboellia cochinchinensis, ... ( Amaranthus palmeri ) to Nitrogen Fertilization and Crop Rotation History Affect Morphology and Nutrient-Use Efficiency , … memiliki system perakaran serabut.Akar rumput membentuk tali halus. Eleusine indica, the Indian goosegrass, yard-grass, goosegrass, wiregrass, or crowfootgrass, is a species of grass in the family Poaceae. Une fois établie, la plante est plus difficile à contrôler. A searchable catalogue of grass and forage legumes. Les gaines sont aplaties. Welsh, S. L., 1998. Etude de la phénologie et des traits de réponse aux pratiques culturales des espèces végétales d'intér... Caractérisation des communautés adventices des vergers d’agrumes de la Réunion et détermination d’espè... Les mauvaises herbes dans la rotation cotonnière au Nord-Cameroun (Afrique), Analyse de la flore adventice de la lentille à Cilaos - Réunion, Caractérisation des enherbements en culture de canne à sucre à La Réunion, Analyse comparée de la flore adventice en culture d’ananas et de canne à sucre à la Réunion. Limbe oblong à linéaire, au sommet arrondi, long de 2 à 10 cm et large de 5 mm. Worldwide, Eleusine indica is reported to be a pioneer weed in many types of land such as ash crop fields, plantations, or recreative fields (sports fields, turf, golf greens), especially in compacted soils (Ecocrop, 2019; NCSU, 2012; Jalaludin et al., 2010; Swarbrick et al., 1997; Henty et al., 1975 cited by US Forest Service, 2018). In Sierra Leone, in cattle enclosures, it was found to be the first and dominant pioneering species of the compacted soil after cattle were let out for free-range grazing (Boboh, 1974, pers. Clairafrique éd., Dakar, Sénégal, 485 p. Braun M., Burgstaller H., Hamdoun A. M. & Walter H., 1991. Gaine pliée et glabre. Variability in ash, crude protein, detergent fiber and mineral content of some minor plant species collected from pastures grazed by goats. Le chaume est fortement comprimé, large de 2 à 5 mm. It has been cited as an invasive weed of rice in Nigeria (Gill et al., 1978 cited by Burkill, 1985). Thanks to its tough root system, goose grass can be used to stabilize sandy soils. Eleucine indica (EI) is traditionally used in ailments associated with liver and kidneys. Flore des jachères et adventices des cultures. Also, flowering occurs quickly, 3 to 4 weeks after emergence. Eleusine indica is a cespitose annual grass introduced from the Old World (Radford et al.1964; Steyermark 1963). 609 pp. Eleusine coracana ssp. It is listed in the top 200 environmental weeds in south-eastern Queensland and also appears on environmental weed lists in the wider Sydney and Blue Mountains region in New South Wales. Technology partner This result is in accordance with a more recent observation in Nepal where goose grass was well accepted and consumed by goats when offered with a limited amount of maize grain. In Kranz J., Schmutterer H. & Koch W. : Maladies, ravageurs et mauvaises herbes des cultures tropicales. 2nd edition. coracana (L.) Lye Eleusine indica var. Strand Life Sciences. In vitro digestibility values were 67% and 61% for DM and OM respectively (Nuwanyakpa et al., 1983; Jackson et al., 1996). Results. J. Anim. Herbage mass, nutritive value and palatability of five grass weeds for cattle in the northern Tohoku region in Japan. It could also cover phenomena such as "plant flowering" or "chewing rates". Elle est plus fréquente et plus abondante dans les champs de case recevant une forte fumure. Feuilles disposées de façon distique et dressées obliquement. Seychelles : Adventice majeure des parcelles cultivées, affectant une large variété de cultures, en particulier les légumes, fruits, les cultures souterraines et ornementales, les plantations et nurseries. Edible medicinal and non-medicinal Plants: Volume 11 Modified stems, roots, bulbs. E. indica acquired a height Table 1. Relations interorganismes dans leur environnement. Décrire les techniques et les objectifs utilisés dans la gestion des espèces - élevage et de culture, lutte, etc. Indian goosegrass. Couvre par exemple, une région globale, ou une plus étroite; peut être biogéographique, politique ou autre (par exemple, les zones gérées pour la conservation) ; endémisme; indigène ou exotique. 3ème cycle , Faculté des sciences, Univ. Describes reproductive physiology and behavior, including mating and life history variables. CENTERE, NCSU, USA, Nuwanyakpa, M. Y.; Bolsen, K. K.; Posler, G. L.; Diaz, M. Q.; Rivera, F. R., 1983. Goose grass (Eleusine indica). Effet de l’époque de coupe de la canne à sucre sur l’enherbement et le cycle biologique des adventices..., En revanche, elle est difficile à sarcler au stade adulte car elle présente un enracinement puissant. Bull. Nomenclature and Classification > Taxon Record Name > Scientific Name. Ambayeba Muimba-Kankolongo, in Food Crop Production by Smallholder Farmers in Southern Africa, 2018. Bernice P. Bishop Museum special publication. Oxford University Press, Nairobi, Kenya, 289 p. Le Bourgeois, T. and H. Merlier (1995). manienie ali'I. Eleusine indica is closely related to Eleusine coracana (finger millet or African finger millet), and the diploid E. indica is … Eleusine indica has a low to moderate protein content, ranging from 6% to 15% DM, though more typically in the 9-12% range. 5 (3): 110-117, NCSU, 2012. La Réunion : voir le site de CaroCanne (Le magazine en ligne des professionnels de la canne à sucre à La Réunion) ; Its nutrient digestibility and palatability were comparable to that of the mixed local forages (Regmi et al., 2009). The development of the embryo-sac thus follows the Polygom, n-type. Ghana : rare et peu abondante. The racemes are 4-15 cm in length. Long de 1 à 1,5 mm, ridé transversalement. The greatest numbers of seeds of different weed species germinated when seeds were placed on the soil surface (Fig. This species generally invades disturbed habitats in natural areas and the margins of conservation areas. Agron. Emphasis was on germination, as it determined success or failure as a competitor in a crop. Au cours de deux campagnes agricoles (2006/2007, 2007/2008) à La Réunion, l’... Ligule membranous and short ciliate with hairs around the ligule, Ligule ciliate with hairs around the ligule, Ligule membranous and long ciliate with hairs around the ligule, Ligule membranous with hairs around the ligule, Ligule corneous and short ciliate with hair around the ligule, Ligule corneous and long ciliate with hairs around the ligule, Capsule splitting vertically in 3 carpels, Capsule splitting vertically in 2 carpels, Capitule with tubular and ligulate flowers, Doses are expressed in commercial products, Data acquired in Reunion on the effectiveness of herbicides in the context of the sugarcane herbicide network by eRcane Network with funding from the.

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