/*-->*/. The process, if carefully followed, will produce the desired results. Written and oral examinations are common employee assessment testing and the advantages of these types of testing include: Effectively screening applicants for the employee traits the organization needs for specific job duties. All U.S. health care personnel should be screened for TB upon hire (i.e., preplacement). I am a big believer in an interactive “pre-hire project.” Which of the following is an accurate statement about employment law in the workplace? Drug and alcohol screening provide data on the employee’s use of substances that may cause impairment. div > div.guidance-search > div.csv-feed.views-data-export-feed {display:none;} You can fulfill these requirements by including background checks in your hiring process. Typically, employers hold screening interviews in the first round of the hiring process. Becoming familiar with these sections may help you to zero in on key facts, 200 Constitution Ave NW As a job applicant, you might expect a prospective employer to investigate your criminal background or check your references, but there are many other types of pre-employment screening that are sometimes used. Under federal law, cannabis use is illegal, and employers in industries that are heavily regulated by the federal government screen their employees randomly and include drug testing as part of their hiring process. The screening process for hiring is widely classified and some are new (like digital screening) to the HR industry. In summary, the hiring process consists of five major components: • Determining the need and preparing for a new employee • Securing possible candidate • Screening candidates for the specific position • Interviewing the candidate • Hiring … There are two types of non-executive positions in the federal government: 1) those that are in the competitive service, and 2) those that are in the excepted service. You can apply for jobs online, via email, or in person. During the process, prospective candidates are evaluated and systems are developed to ensure sound selection. div#block-eoguidanceviewheader .dol-alerts p {padding: 0;margin: 0;} b. Baseline TB Screening and Testing. Commonly, urine tests, blood test, breath tests, saliva tests, and sweat tests are used to detect the presence of drugs and alcohol. Examples of employment tests and other selection procedures, many of which can be administered online, include the following: Cognitive tests assess reasoning, memory, perceptual speed and accuracy, and skills in arithmetic and reading comprehension, as well as knowledge of a particular function or job; 1. Candidates may take the Entrance Exam up until their 35th birthday. Question 7 5 out of 5 points The hiring process needs to include screening, testing, and Selected Answer: interviewing. However, candidates are eligible to take the Police Officer’s Entrance Exam at seventeen and one half (17½) years old. .usa-footer .container {max-width:1440px!important;} .table thead th {background-color:#f1f1f1;color:#222;} No matter what job you are … Safety awareness. OPM maintains a central database, called USAJOBS, which lists nearly every federal job opening. The law requires businesses that hire drivers to run specific background checks. During the hiring process, job applicants may be asked to undergo various forms of testing in order to obtain employment. Job Applications. ANS: B 2. Learn more about what to expect from a screening interview and how to prepare for one. The application phase in the selection process is sometimes seen as passive from the … For most entry-level positions, the examination will have two parts: a written test and an interview. 1-866-487-2365 #block-googletagmanagerheader .field { padding-bottom:0 !important; } Screening is a process used to determine a job applicant’s qualifications and potential job fit for a position to which he/she has applied. The site is secure. .manual-search-block #edit-actions--2 {order:2;} [CDATA[/* >