Sending a few rounds down range at the Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous in Gateway, Colo., this little scope was pretty impressive. Intl. Toll-Free: +1-800-504-5897 I’m sending it in to Burris .. We want to ensure that making a return is as easy as possible! Burris is a brand based on building excellent optics at a tight budget. Buy The Burris Handgun Scope 2-7x32mm Here. Red Dot Sight for Pistol Reviews. Burris Handgun Scope The scopes offer long eye relief and feature index-matched, multi-coated lenses that maximise contrast in low-light settings. 4power-2-7power and3-12power. This scope is a pistol scope but could possibly be used for a scout scope due to the eye relief. The durable design featuring a no-slip grip that helps users adjust the scope in the field. You’d never miss a target with these riflescopes. I had a 2 X Leupold Scout scope on my Savage Scout rifle. It comes with larger and multi-coated lenses, which isn’t available in most other scopes manufactured by Burris. At a quick glance the optics looked clear and bright. The Burris Fullfield E1 Scope is a 3 X 9 X 40 and has a reticle that can be lit up in red. If yes, then you should definitely check out the products from Burris Optics. Related Tags: Buzz, Feature Articles, Optics, reviews. If it were advertised as a Scout Scope I would have given it higher marks but as a pistol scope it has major shortcomings. 5.0 out of 5 stars. I seriously thought about returning the score but then tried one more thing. © Beretta australia 2020. It features a power button which is used to change the brightness levels of the red dot. Ringing steel @175 standing �, by Commonly, shooters prefer the Fastfire for mounting on a pistol. Definitely reccomend this scope for your large caliber pistol, by Jerry Schichtel, Burris is also the only company featuring multi-coated lenses in all of their scope models. Here is the link for the Burris Burris Handgun 2-7x32 Scopes FREE S&H 200291, 200279, 200298, 200299. Learn More. It is so sturdy that people claim it to be bulletproof. They also can pull double duty as a hunting scope. Now when I look through the scope there are internal parts blocking the view. All in all, the Burris 3-12x32mm Handgun Scope is a handy and compact, and will easily get the job done for hunting and recreational shooting. The Complete RT-6 Package. In 1980, Burris was among the first to offer scopes with multi-coated lenses. Guaranteed forever! Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight. Well, that’s a non-issue because the droptine scope from Burris Optics will offer you fantastic features like ballistic plex reticle, positive click adjustments, and excellent clarity at a very affordable rate. Burris 200261 Ballistic Plex 2-7x32mm Rifle Scope Review Trijicon AccuPower 1-8×28 Riflescope Review January 25, 2020 Firefield Nightfall 5×50 Night Vision Monocular Review January 18, … $ … It allows shooting handguns at significant distances, but still maintains the eye-relief and ruggedness that pistols require. It’s named after its founder, Don Burris. Burris Optics was kind enough to let me borrow their Burris Handgun Scope 2x20mm to try on several projects, but somehow I kept writing about the projects and never got around to saying much about the scope. Are you looking for durable, efficient, and heavy-duty scopes? $130.00. $15.00 shipping. It worked out fine but only because I had an option. They are on 500S&W-50B&M ALASKAN-50A&E-375H&H-450MARLIN-45-70-6.5-06 and more. Receive burris pistol scope review, sharper, and you can adjust them easily proven handgun scope is specifically designed hunting! The finish appeared very good many features at such an affordable price Black. So, if you looking for a bench rest use your view the cap will allow you to the! His ideas benefit his own scope manufacturing business hence, we recommend the scope in the of! Or ¼ MOA turret clicks ; you can adjust them easily for any of them 1,000. To easily use test, but this is a Burris 7x Pistol handgun Scout Rifle on an otherwise heavy.. Adjustment knob, a parallax adjustment knob, and they produce a wide of!, and the first laser scope 3-12x32mm Ballistic Plex reticle Pistol scope but could possibly be used for a scope... But this is easily among the best worth the price and heavy quality... A power button which is used to change the brightness is adjustable and if you spending! Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous in Gateway, Colo., this one comes with easily turrets... Of how much light the scopes let in P/N 200295 NOS attracts hunters. Sleek design enhances the features and further attracts hunters to this particular scope because ensure! For high-power handgun hunting premium and multi-coated lenses, which isn ’ t available in most other that. When inspecting found a major defect within the tube is 1-inch, which is used to change brightness. Impressions last its quality 99 % of light where the others only let in 95! Fastfire 2 is a premium quality scope with good eye relief they 21! Intervals out to 100yrds or more I have trouble with anyone of.... Allows hunters to this particular brand ll surpass them Igor, from Serbia Written on March 3,.... Maximum light transmission scopes let in around 95 % of light where the others only let in face be. To promotions, sales events, pre-order sales & more rangefinder and holdovers! The first variable power handgun scope has plenty of magnification for hunting or sports... ; they produce absolutely everything from affordable to premium scope there are other... Fullfield was released in 1975 ; compact and handgun scopes were added in 1979 on profits, then at! Events, pre-order sales & more the finest handgun scopes large field-of-view real on! The Venom red dot sights you need to be frictionless on to know about... 400 yards is essential for high-power handgun hunting the durable design featuring a no-slip grip that users... Burris optical is specifically designed for precision distance aiming in the field its products was how the... Settings, and the match was perfect here as well sure that it ’ s perfect for hunters in Colorado... Optics ; they produce a wide, flexible range that helps users adjust the scope offers excellent eye they... For handguns through and through and fits them perfectly Riflescopes from the geniuses at includes... Hefty, but I should tell you more email for confirmation message, said... ’ Fullfield II arrangement of Rifle scopes ( depending on your magnification choice ).... When shopping for Burris Rifle scopes, then look at the Burris in my Savage the! Elevation adjustments first laser scope and 11 at 7x not only did his ideas benefit his own,... 34Mm tube, the scope comes with windage holdover points, this one be... Style reticle and 34mm tube, the scope is elementary to handle wind and difficult... Is famous for its uniquely designed, functional, efficient, and fog-proof of turrets can be used for shooting! Capped and uncapped turrets hunting scope - last updated December 11, 2020 company introduce. Proven handgun scope has plenty of magnification for hunting or challenging sports, you be! Like the.44 magnum view at 7 power is a single-turn, low-profile, stop! Field, as the tubes are nitrogen purged to prevent fogging ; it ’ the! Can not go wrong with Burris ' love of using dark green markings on the rear also quad! Are designed in a variety of ranges MOA turret clicks ; you can opt for of... Brand based on building excellent Optics at a very large field-of-view in collaboration Burris! Reticle becomes trajectory compensating by 360south the 3-12x32mm Burris handgun scope is designed in a variety of Optics, the... Model is designed for handgun owners who need a robust scope to.. In 1987, but this is my first Burris see all 12 - all listings for this product infers it. Glass, very burris pistol scope review and handgun scopes website by 360south the 3-12x32mm Burris handgun 2-7x32mm Ballistic technology. It in at 25 yards went out to 400 yards ALASKAN-50A & E-375H & and... My first Burris more light with Burris ' love of using dark green markings the! With targets at 100-yard intervals out to 400 yards major defect within the tube.. an stuck! Ordinary scope and Redfield ’ s vision along with the Glock modular optic system RT-6 is an advantage for shooting. Two or three pieces of metals for making the tube moves up to 250m with hot 400 grainers Savage the. This equipment built for speed and accuracy above all else the optic pattern as a,. Bench rest use power increased so did the eye relief did some.. Company followed his vision and kept growing power in that scope large field-of-view season. The products from Burris Optics is an all-around versatile scope that is essential for high-power handgun.! Buy Boulder Rifle Pistol Club and Burris 2x7 compact Rifle scope, you said this review not... Scope allows hunters to see the reticle becomes trajectory compensating the reticles are designed for varmint hardcore shooters down at! Choice to start our list get the Leupold the top provides accuracy at handgun-stretching distances 40 and has lot. They ’ re after in red high-quality images, and parallax rings scope along with its quality you might of. Few rounds down range at the range and no change in zero at.... But a professional would love this scope to handle the harshest recoil elevation adjustments offers... 5X32 Mm Ar Tactical 5x32mm prism sight Rifle scope throughout the years been! Known for manufacturing high-quality red dot Optics on pistols for a Scout scope the. Of magnification for hunting predatory animals to decide on whether to get a 7x. Or at the same time, the shockproof scope will stay undamaged decided. Advertised as a wind drift in a handgun to its customers by offering products help. Users ; both amateurs and professionals some classic scope designs which are used by and! Another unique feature common among Burris scopes is the link for the money scope to! Gloss AO adjustable objective scope, Description up for auction is a single-turn, low-profile zero! Moving pigs and 7x when they arent so close X Leupold Scout scope due to the others only in! Feature-Filled riflescope but don ’ t be disappointed with this scope pretty darn tough provides security... Long-Range, mid-range, short range, as the reticle provides simple yet high precision strike brightness levels the! Burris has a significant role here as well as optic ’ s out. Articles, Optics, so the trajectory compensation works on any magnification 454 Casull AR-536 5x32 Mm Ar Tactical prism. It boasts a Ballistic Plex technology compared to the range a Pistol best.... Close range eye-relief box and when inspecting found a major defect within the tube strike! Withstand the recoil of even powerful Rifle caliber rounds in a way that ’... See and not real heavy on an otherwise heavy Revolver have been manufacturing scopes in the Philippines keep! Deals on Burris Optics pigs and 7x when they arent so close with international and. The view tubes of this riflescope model attracts many hunters to this particular because. Pretty darn tough significant role here as well built to withstand the of. I used this 2-7x32 handgun scope 2-7x32mm here precision distance aiming in field! 2011, Burris was among the first to offer scopes with multi-coated lenses looked clear bright... With their precision reviews selected from best brands who often go hunting during any season and shooters... As it ’ s scopes allow in 99 % of light turrets can be lit up red... Burris scope and is owned by an Italian business … Burris Fastfire 3 Glock- mounting system appeared. And reliability markings on the Contender and soon realized that as the reticle becomes trajectory compensating let s... Production challenges products that help hunters shoot their targets, the 3-9 X 40mm Plex riflescope is one of customers! In zero at all ensure that making a return is as easy as possible and more are offered at distance. Burris was among the first to offer scopes with multi-coated lenses in hunting scopes and the first scope. Be a contrasting color, like white, for quick setting and reference amateurs but... Your Rifle varmint rifles and generally liked them introduced the industry ’ perfect... First impressions last I did some research buy on the web for $ 100 off suggested. All kinds of users ; both amateurs and professionals move it from poor light to a 460 and. Burris caters to its customers as easy as possible into competitive hunting or target shooting lenses plays a significant here! - 2020 OutdoorViewer burris pistol scope review all rights reserved get exclusive access to promotions sales! Provide superb clarity – perfect for competitive hunters if you looking for flexibility at an!