If this deduction is true (and we've done a fair amount of digging) only Havalon #60a blades will work on the Piranta. When the blade has finally dulled, and it’s time to replace it, things can get a little tricky, and you’re going to need a pair of pliers. Considering you need the case to hold the blades, it is an integral part of the kit. The Havalon Piranta knife is built to work with their "60a" scalpel style blades. Havalon knives being put to work on an Alaskan duck hunt! # 3 Is it sharp: If the manufacture dont take the time to sharpen the blade I will not buy it . During this Havalon skinning knife review, I found the Piranta to be extremely sharp. As newer blades have come into production, Havalon’s website & older packaging labels have become outdated. Everything about the Piranta is slender. Average Rating: (5.0) out of 5 stars 7 ratings, based on 7 reviews. Love the knife, but the case is flimsy. The knife though, works just great. And let’s not forget de-boning the animal. That might be why you’ve searched “havalon piranta knife review”, “havalon skinning knife review”, or something along those lines. So let’s cut to the chase and begin with the product reviews! This is a truly awesome feature. The Havalon Piranta upright locking mechanism is a liner lock, meaning a thin piece of metal pops out from the frame, preventing the blade from folding back down. The side opposite of the pocket clip is lined with a rubber grip, a nice feature when the knife and your hands are bloody. This is clever and valuable in certain settings. I definitely recommend this knife. It’s not like I intentionally set out to write a review about a knife with a well-known hunting personality. Cutting through hide, … Havalon Knives... Sharpness is there first objective! There are no other features on the Havalon Piranta. The handle is the backbone of any knife. Havalon Forge. Havalon Piranta Folding Knives Review. Piranta pivots and joints are tight and smooth. Working around joints and bone can be a problem, the blades can bend or snap, leaving you to replace it and dig the broken end out. Other options New from $44.99. However, the knife is sharp enough that you’re never really applying a ton of pressure, so the small frame isn’t a huge problem. The included tool is preferable though. Havalon has been a leader in hunting knives for years, but their newest knife builds upon the company’s strengths while branching out in a new direction. As best we can tell the Havalon 60a blades are the same as #60, but a little thicker. The Havalon Piranta is solidly mid-range, in terms of price. 15. When I hold it I can only get three fingers onto it. Though its blade is slightly short, its performance is still remarkable and admirable. !” were his first words of review. The Havalon Piranta Folding Knives is a folding fillet design which comes with a modern look and a good performance in the affordable segment. He likes the length of the blade, says he could use it to skin deer as well as filet fish. You swap it out with a brand new one when you need to. It holds tight to your pants and is set with three removable screws, but can’t be changed over to the other side of the knife. By Tom Claycomb III How A Havalon Knife Fits Into The World Of An Outdoorsman I’ve worked for over 30 years in beef packing plants and have learned much there that applies to my outdoor world. And back-of-knife finger tab. They also make a multi-tool that we review elsewhere. Some tasks, especially those related to hunting and preparation of game, will wear down a tuned edge or two within a single session. The handle of the Piranta Z, which I used for this Havalon skinning knife review, is made of durable plastic. Seriously. I was pleasantly surprised of the results. #2 Is it functional: Will it open easily. Overall knife Length: 11-inches; Closed length: 6-inches; Blade Length: 5 inches; Cutting edge: 4.5-inches; Package sizes: 9.1×7.7×2.6 inches; Weight: 8 ounces; Handle: Rugged black Zytel with orange rubber inserts. February 22, 2016 / Tim Biebel / 2 Comments. FREE Shipping; Department. Existing reviews. It won't hold the tool and the knife at the same time. Just don’t be too hard on her and bring a pair of pliers and you’re good to go. No worries, I’ve got you. Product Image. The handle is a little too narrow if you ask us. I finally picked up a Havalon Piranta EDGE knife to try out. That's more than I could ever say about my other knives which I dearly love. FREE Shipping by Amazon. The knife is small enough to disappear in any pocket and pocket clipped carry is faster and easier to deploy than from a sheath. Posted on May 9, 2012 by HavalonKnives. 1-48 of 83 results for "havalon knife" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. The orange thing is the blade changing tool. Our team has decided to focus our resources on fulfilling the online orders already in the system and making sure that our dealers are stocked to the best of our ability. Its orange handle will immediately stand out from the competition and with black rubber inserts you will have the ability to stabilize the grip and prevent slippage. How long is the blade of the Havalon Fillet knife? Today we will review Havalon’s Piranta-Z folding knife. During this Havalon knife review, I left for two hunts in Alaska. The original Piranta (direct price of $39.95) is the smaller of the two pictured. While the blades that come with this knife are razor sharp, they’re thin. Hunting Knives; Shop Knives; Utility Knives; Blades; Folding & Pocket Knives ; Multitools; Fishing Knives; Camping Fixed-Blade Knives; See All 12 Departments. Will it do what its made to do. Contents . That said, any good Havalon knife review should give you some information on the knife’s backbone. Broken blades for days. Best is the included plastic tool. Skinning an animal is a breeze, and it really holds its edge. The edge wears at about an average rate. Having a factory-tuned, low-angle, wicked-sharp edge through the dressing of an entire large mammal is incredibly valuable. Factory sharpening and honing equipment and techniques are more effective and more tolerant of hard steel than home techniques. It slices through hide and meat like you wouldn’t believe. In a pinch (pun intended) one can change the Piranta blade with pliers. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Replaceable Blade Knife Comparison Review. The Havalon Talon Hunt is a knife that gives you a ton of versatility without weighing yourself down with extra knives. They were not popular and I didn’t like the design compared to the Havalon. 4.9 out of 5 stars 195. The basic Talon knife system by Havalon comes with a 3 â inch, partially serrated utility blade, as well as 7- and 9-inch fillet blades, in a nylon roll-up containment cover. I know nothing … Analysis of the blade of the Piranta is almost entirely different than analysis of other pocket knives. It is a good blade shape, works very well, and is widely available. 4.8 out of 5 stars 326. I was using a Bubba Blade and it performed much better than the knife that he was using. The handle is two pieces of steel bolted together. So lets get down to it. We got it messy this way and found that all but the most stubborn detritus in the way could be removed from the important interfaces by some sharp taps to a firm surface. Baracuta-Blaze. The EXP is Havalon’s first everyday carry (EDC) knife, and it is styled to offer versatility wherever you go. Great Knife. Due to unprecedented demand, the Havalon web store is currently closed through the end of the year. Havalon's intent seems to have been to make a knife with all the advantages of a surgical scalpel but with the usability and familiarity of a pocket knife. Including the blade the Piranta-Z folding knife weighs 6.4 ounces. All these other products from Havalon can employ the exact same blade as the Piranta. Out of the package, the handle is a bit too smooth for my liking, and the rubber inserts add some additional grip. It gets even better in the EXP with the combination of a standard folding knife blade and a replaceable folding pocket scalpel. The Piranta Original comes with this. Avg. “Damn! It encases the entire cutting portion while bending the blade to disengage the attachment. If you consider... the world's most carefully tested and objective gear reviews, Incredible blade quality, assisted open, perfect combination of compactness/functionality, Beautifully constructed, assisted open, good value, Big blade, excellent steel, four pocket clip positions, Pricey, blade lock mechanism not intuitive, Slender handle makes it hard to apply even pressure, thin blade is fragile, For hunting, you want a new, carefully-tuned factory edge all the time, and this one making swapping in new blades easy, A compact yet "full size” pocket knife for day to day use and all but the heaviest of tasks, A high end construction of a knife carefully tuned to optimize portability and function, This thin knife disappears in your pocket, tackles most tasks, and is easy on your wallet, A long-time classic, enduring for its solid design, significant customization options, and continuous improvements. Its orange handle will immediately stand out from the competition and with black rubber inserts you will have the ability to stabilize the grip and prevent slippage. The Havalon Piranta-EDGE Hunting & Skinning Knife can field dress and skin an entire moose without replacing or sharpening the blade. My Top Choice: Havalon – same price as Outdoor Edge, a more compact folding knife with a pocket clip, and many different blade types. Havalon invented the world’s first “hunter’s scalpel,” having evolved from their parent company Havels, who make medical grade cutting tools. Recently there has been an emergence of the 'Replaceable Blade Knife'. The Blade of this fillet knife is 5-inches with a cutting edge of 4.5-inches. 99. Swapping blades in and out is also an ergonomic consideration. Check Price on Amazon . Unlike any other knife we tested, the blade itself is temporarily affixed to the knife. Other online reviewers cite issues with the pocket clip losing its spring, but we haven't experienced that and have a hard time even imagining that. If they were made of typical home-sharpenable steel, we would expect the Havalon blades to wear very rapidly. In fact, it is designed for frequent blade changes. It was used from start to finish on both of them with the same blade. When I purchase a knife there is certain things I look for in a product. So I'm looking for recommendations on a knife you don't leave home without for the backcountry and big game hunting. The sheath and knife. And if you’re looking for the lowest prices, I’ve got those at the bottom of the page (if you purchase one, I’ll receive a small portion of the sale). Subscribe to our newsletter and we'll let you know what we're up to! Havalon Piranta Folding Knives Review. Resharpening works and has for millennia. January 10, 2018 This was bought for a Christmas gift for my husband, he already owns one Havalon knife, this is his second. Havalon Knives Review: A Knife Pro Talks About Havalon Knives. This isn’t necessarily a huge deal, but if you fell and slammed it sideways into a rock, I could see it ruining the knife. I mean, you can’t cut with the handle right? With a more advanced tread and a large finger guard the Havalon Forge will give users more control than ever before. Despite the fact that it’s a little more fragile than the Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite EDC, I will be taking this knife with me on future hunts. You will definitely notice this, but we cannot envision a situation in which it would actually matter. $54.99 $ 54. REVIEW: I always wanted a folder with a scalpel blade, and bought this immediately upon hearing about its existence. The clamshell-like orange tool that Havalon ships with this knife is slick and clever for both removing and installing new blades. You put in a brand new blade when the edge has degraded below your standards or needs. Havalon's parent company, "Havel's Inc," is exclusively a scalpel company. Havalon is the brand most associated with starting the replaceable blade knife trend, and they don't disappoint with their new Forge. You want the nitty-gritty, to know how “freakishly sharp” the Havalon Piranta is. All the knives are close in price coming in between $34.95 and $42.00. Our pocket knife reviews cut through the fluff and get... Pocket knife shopping is daunting. $43.99 $ 43. The silver "envelopes" each hold a factory-tuned spare blade. Havalon Piranta-Edge Blaze Orange Handle 12 Additional Crazy Sharp Blades. Product Title HAVALON BARACUTA FIELD KNIFE 4.375" STAINLESS STEEL REPLACEABLE POLYMER ORANGE. That degree of sharpness can be very hard to maintain and replicate with even the … Called Havalon and had them send me another case, and the new case is already showing wear. The scalpel blade is extremely sharp, and it allows the user to cut more precisely than most folding knives … A blade that is built to be resharpened is thicker and softer than it would be if it were optimized for cutting alone. The ability to quickly and easily change out the AUS-8 blade essentially gives you three knives in one. We review their new every day carry model, the Havalon EXP. They eventually made the decision to develop easy-to-carry, highly functional pocket knives for specialized applications that hunters and fishermen require. Pliers work too, but that also takes some risk. By David Link. Real messy tasks (like game dressing, for which the Piranta is optimized) can fill the grooves with gunk during blade changes. Blades are super sharp and easily replaceable. Let us know! We have had from time to time Hunters asking for a specific knife for cutting into small places, well this is your answer. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. Having that at a low weight with minimal hassle is possible with the Havalon Piranta. The body of the knife includes a thin, solid, metal pocket clip. Blade seems to be getting a little dull upon completion of the second deer. The Piranta is designed to work with the Havalon 60a scalpel blade. HATCHET1 "yes,it killed the … We also like the tight pocket clip. If you need a knife for hunting and angling, this model has great value. So if you are a hunter or angler looking for a bigger knife, this should serve you well. However, when you realize that you need to carry extra blades most of the time and that the Havalon sheath holds some of these, the sheath makes more sense. Havalon Piranta Folding Knives. You're quite likely to cut yourself if you try to remove or replace a blade with bare hands. The knife has a simple but good looking design. For heavy and extended use, which the Piranta is designed for, a slightly bulkier handle is better for most adult hands. Is that thing sharp!! So, naturally, Havalon products are literally, surgically sharp. Features of the Havalon Baracuta Fillet knife . The blade starts thin and takes a long and slow taper to a razor edge. This thing is compact, light, and very portable. At the time of this review, Havalon’s website stated that the Edge only fits 60A & 60XT blades. Top 10 Best Skinning Knife Reviews. Your typical pocket knife is built with steel of moderate hardness and moderate edge angle, attempting to strike a balance of cutting acuity, edge integrity, and ease of resharpening. The Talon Hunt uses Havalon’s Quick-Change II Interchangeable Cutlery System. Since the Piranta blades aren't meant to be sharpened at home, the steel can be harder than typical pocket knife blade steel. I will keep the same blade for the next deer for comparison. The body of the Havalon Piranta is small and light. 99. The inside of this frame is wide open for ready cleaning. A blade that is built to be resharpened is thicker and softer than it would be if it … One for Sitka Blacktail deer, the other for black bear. The belt sheath of the Piranta holds some extra blades and the knife or the blade changing tool. We our proud to provide the hunting community with the most detailed, in-depth, honest reviews on the internet. I used this knife for the first time this week on two white tail deer. There's also a pair of holes in the handle for the installation of a lanyard cord, should you so choose. The Piranta is about the same length as other compact full-size pocket knives. All trademarks property of their respective owners Product Title HAVALON PIRANTA-EDGE FIELD KNIFE 2.75" STAINLESS STEEL REPLACEABLE PLASTIC ORANGE. Our team has decided to focus our resources on fulfilling the online orders already in the system and making sure that our dealers are stocked to the best of our ability. We will review some of the best skinning knives you can find on the market. $46.15 $ 46. We deduce this because the edge holds up about like we've come to expect of typical pocket knives, but the edge angle is very, very low. For innovation and modularity, it is a good value. The newer version is the Piranta Z, (direct price of $29.95) which stands for Zytel the material the handle is made out of. Your typical pocket knife is meant to be resharpened. Blades Canada - Vancouver, BC : Havalon - Quartermaster Medford Knives All Axes & Tomahawks All Folding Knives All Fixed Blades All Throwers All Trainers & DVD's Misc. The Havalon Fillet knife is definitely a folding fillet knife that is convenient and versatile to use. It can be done with your bare hands, but this is really sketchy. I put my Outdoor Edge Razor to work in Ohio last November and was amazed at how easy it made skinning and processing my deer. So here you go, a few thoughts on its handle. I don't go through many blades, as I sharpen the blade until it breaks or whatever. 1.9 ounces is very, very light for such an effective and purpose-built tool. As soon as the blade started to dull, I replaced it in less than 30 seconds and was off and running with a new, razor sharp blade. The handle of this foldable knife is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene … The biggest surprise in this year's reviews are the extraordinary performance of the replaceable blade deer hunting knives. Second Choice: Outdoor Edge – Seemed more like a regular knife, one style blade, same price as Havalon; Third: Gerber. Black Friday Limited Edition Release. We like that. A holed is bored into the bottom corner, allowing you to attach the knife to a lanyard. When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support, Interchangeable blades, clean, open design. Gutting, skinning, quartering, deboning and cutting up the meat. Some hunters carry sharpening equipment, some carry multiple knives, and now some can carry the Piranta. Like, holy-freaking-crap sharp. While I’m often changing out blades on other skinning knives, the Havalon Piranta knife made it through each animal with one blade. Bottom line for these knives, I highly recommend them. During both hunts, it was easily discernible that this knife was definitely sharper than the Razor-Lite EDC by Outdoor Edge. Just the sheer cutting ability of the sharp edge makes it worth it. Havalon is an American company that has a long history of making the highest quality scalpel blades in the world. You can't wear it on your belt, hunt hard, and expect it to last. Why the Hype? A steeper edge angle and harder blade material contribute to longer-lasting edge integrity. Interchangeable blades are pretty common in that setting. This makes it fast and convenient, but also allows Havalon to make the blade much thinner, with a gentler front edge angle, than the blade on virtually any other pocket knife. However, it requires effort, time, specialized equipment, and a blade that has material and structure different than actual cutting might require. Our team has decided to focus our resources on fulfilling the online orders already in the system and making sure that our dealers are stocked to the best of our ability. Free delivery. Surgical grade scalpels come in a variety of styles. The closed length of the knife is 4.5 Inches and with the blade out 7. Because the blade is so thin and compact, the handle can be narrow too. For those of you that have gutted a dear or field dressed an elk, you know that a sharp blade is really nice to have. You also probably know that a freakishly sharp knife helps, a ton. Product Review: Havalon Piranta Knife. We don't usually expect knives of this stature to include a belt sheath. The blade interface relies on fairly close tolerances and small grooves. 99. Aside from the blade, Havalon's Piranta employs familiar construction cues and materials. The components that come when you buy the Havalon Piranta. How can we improve GearLab? FREE Shipping by Amazon. FREE Shipping. The Piranta Original is the only knife in our test with a user-replaceable blade. 25″. During both hunts, it was easily discernible that this knife was definitely sharper than the Razor-Lite EDC by Outdoor Edge. Is it made with quality componets. The textures and contours are good but don't make up for the narrow handle. One for Sitka Blacktail deer, the other for black bear. Harder materials are harder to sharpen at home. I personally have gotten use to the Havalon knife with having thin and thick blades and using them for different purposes. The plastic handle, however, is easily bendable if you apply pressure away from the pins. #1 Quality : Is it flawed or misrepresented in its advertising. The unique edge performance of this Havalon knife is tied entirely to its fundamental design. Assisted, ambidextrous thumb stud. The Havalon Forge was built to give users a grip that is unmatched by any other Havalon. In use, the Piranta is familiar and comfortable. Mind your fingertips as you manipulate and unwrap new and old blades. Havalon’s folding pocket scalpel knife design has been a game-changer in the hunting knife market since it was unveiled in 2005. The Havalon Piranta knife comes standard with #60A stainless steel blades. The blade is literally why you buy a knife. This interface is secure, but rattles a little bit. And don’t even think about trying to pry anything apart with this knife. We did not test hardness but we have good reason to believe that the Piranta blades are much harder than typical pocket blades. However, it requires effort, time, specialized equipment, and a blade that has material and structure different than actual cutting might require. A bunch of such blades are included with your initial purchase. Here, lead test editor Jed Porter on a backcountry hunt in California. 2 3/ $44.99. The unique edge performance of this Havalon knife is tied entirely to its fundamental design. When it’s time for business. During this Havalon knife review, I got the chance to really try it out. I helped a buddy bone out an elk and he was using an Outdoor Edge knife. With the blade, this is only good. A few thoughts about this knife. Got an elk tag for next month and still haven't decided on what knife to get for skinning and quartering (that is if I'm even lucky enough to get a bull down) Been in between Havalon and Outdoor edge but open to any recommendations. The knife is ambidextrous and comes with six stainless-steel surgical blades that are perfect for intricate trimming, butchering, and removing silver skin. Havalon makes other knives that include multiple interchangeable blades or a traditional blade in conjunction with the interchangeable blade. This is the only knife system you will ever need to clean any game, from rabbits and turkeys to deer and elk. 5.0 out of 5 stars Good quality! Edge wear is a function, mainly, of material hardness and edge angle. The rubberized handle is the first of its kind featuring the Quik-Change removable blade system. Replacing the blade is as simple as reversing the process, and pushing the back end of the blade down until it’s fully inserted into the grooves. The Havalon comes with 12 blades, where the other 2 come with 6 blades each. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. Your typical pocket knife is meant to be resharpened. The Havalon Piranta Z Knife is now available. Below I’ve provided the most in-depth, detailed review you can find on this knife. The Havalon is a great knife for skinning coons, etc., but for me is a little light for the elk work. The Piranta edge is very fine and cuts very, very precisely. Due to unprecedented demand, the Havalon web store is currently closed through the end of the year. However, you can switch these out for #70 blades (which come with a dulled tip for skinning), thicker #22 blades, a gut hook, and even a saw blade. I had to have one! Havalon Knife Review. Surgical #60 scalpel blades are built to work on #4 handles. The Havalon Piranta is the fastest and lightest way to accomplish this. Privacy | Cookies | Terms, The world's most in-depth and scientific reviews of gear, Your typical pocket knife design optimized with scalpel-like interchangeable blades, combining compact carry with always-new blade performance. During this Havalon knife review, I left for two hunts in Alaska. 5 Piranta Z by Havalon. But it did lack the durability of the Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite EDC. To keep a fine, usable edge, users of the Piranta change the blade rather than resharpening it. This shouldn't be a problem. The blade of the Piranta isn't meant to be resharpened. Current Price $39.99 $ 39. I'm never going to use this while wet, muddy, or oily, so it doesn't really matter. You lift the end of the blade closest to the handle with your index finger while pulling the top of the blade out with the pliers. The sheath is compact enough that you could carry it just as a vessel for your extra blades while the Piranta itself lives in your pocket. The Havalon and Gerber have a pocket clip that can help it be an EDC knife, and the Outdoor Edge comes with a Nylon Sheath that can be used to store it in your pack or carry on your belt. We reviewed their original Piranta and like it for its intended use. However, when you look at the packaging on their more recent knives, the labeling states that the Edge also accepts the 22, 22XT & 70A. Due to unprecedented demand, the Havalon web store is currently closed through the end of the year. Thanks, Mr. Rinella. Got feedback? The option to extend like-new function indefinitely, with replacement blades, further enhances the cost-benefit calculation. The Havalon blade change tool is compact and simple. Havalon also makes less expensive products that employ the same blade interface and options. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in.

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