It’s all a solid beautiful medium brown and it’s not opaque or streaky like water based gel stains. It looks pretty pink even right after staining, so I don’t think the white stain is on Red Oak is what you want. 2. Wow, I have learned more about finishing wood in the last 30 minutes than I have in my whole life. In the the article you mention, he’s talking about using a sealer after the stain and before a varnish-type finish. Forward Momentum (Dining Room Rug Purchase, and More! What do you think!? I used one coat of Minwax Honey stain. Anyway, I think I just need to condition the boards… as you stated and provided evidence! I imagine it would be equally effective on pine. Just some suggestions for you…looking good and I was going to suggest select pine as I was reading your post and you use it…that piece was gorgeous. Yes! White scares me with upkeep/kids but afraid stain won’t go with design I’m going for. Container Size: 1 Quart. thanks. Only one on each. It took down the intensity and gave it a softer, slightly aged look. I’m assuming that following the next steps you listed won’t help. P.S. Minwax Dark Walnut was the first stain color that I fell in love with when I first started woodworking. What are your thoughts on this? Need your advice. My suggestion would be to use a scrap piece of wood that is the same type that you want to treat, and test your different options. It was tacky and smelly for a bit but it eventually cured and hardened and really protects the paint finish without changing the color or the sheen and without having to muck with polyurithane or worry about bubbling (I’m not a very neat painter). Also, professional pros (the ones who take their time to listen to you and do the job right) always water-pop the wood when using dark stains. This is another mid-range stain color, but with a more neutral base undertone. I’ve heard that using ebony obliterates contrast. I am doing my table in Cherry so I don’t think I will have that problem. I think your favorite is pretty but kind of splotchy. I’m about to make a few frames with pine and I’ll definitely be getting the conditioner now! It’s a truly horrible color that’s hard to work with. Riftsawn and quartersawn oak is gorgeous, but plainsawn needs to go away! Have you found one color stain that makes them similar? Slightly weathered and matte. I’ve since used the same wax over satin Behr paint (sprayed with my mason jar sprayer) because we don’t have easy access to Annie Sloan products and the major brands hadn’t come out with knockoffs yet. I was also thinking it wasn’t sanded. Super helpful! Wood Stain Color Chart Pine Stain Colors Wood Stain Colors Minwax Stain On Pine Pine Wood Flooring Refinishing Hardwood Floors Pine Floors Wood Walls Into The Woods. I’m a former Cosmetology teacher and after the 10th comment about wood conditioner, it finally clicked. Kristi….. The wood bleach kit that I used is pretty inexpensive, so it might be worth the purchase to test it out on your wall (or rather, on a scrap piece of wood from the wall). He does say however that, “Shellac also blocks the resin from pine knots and very oily exotic woods, which can slow the drying of lacquer and varnish significantly.” I was talking about using one before the oil-based Minwax stain to keep the stain from blotching the face and to prevent the end grain at the head and foot of your table from absorbing significantly more stain. But the Dark Walnut goes with our new wood floors and the vibe of our house better. (Then wash with 1/4 vinegar/water and lightly sand.) My 4 year old daughter routinely bumps the cabinet with objects and I haven’t seen a major gouge yet. Some are a mix of colors I'm sure. I loved pine with the lights and darks, but not the medium stains. I would personally be a bit scared of trying it on a floor. The wood grain is still visible but it tones it down considerably. Also Polyvine is a poly that leaves a hand waxed finish. I did have one question, would selecting a different wood choice make it easier to accomplish the desired result? Is the Minwax conditioner a substitute for water-popping? Any help would be appreciated. What a difference! This was such a great post! Your style choices and mine may often be different but I always think your work looks beautiful and magazine worthy. It is going to gain some yellow/gold/red tones regardless of what you do now. Plus, 22 of your other Burning Budget Questions around our Renovation,, So yesterday, I tried out some different methods to see what I could come up with, and I actually think I found a way to stain pine a gorgeous medium-toned brown color that looks somewhat aged, while minimizing all of that yellow and orange grain! I hand-rubbed it because I didn’t have a buffer attachment handy. Thank you so, so much for this exercise. I’m interested in the simply white stain. Best option is to cut small pieces of what you’re going to be using and do some at-home tests to see the impact. It’s made of pallets, packing crates, and 1″x12″x12′ boards from a reuse center, so I have lots of different looks in the same species. Wood conditioner works beautifully on pine if I’m staining it a dark color (with Rust-Oleum stain…not Minwax). Definitely going to reference this post for future stain projects. We just had a table and two benches built, and I’m trying to decide how I want to finish it. Shop Minwax Wood Finish Oil-Based Puritan Pine Interior Stain (Half Pint) in the Interior Stains department at Lowe' This makes me want to get some wood and stain it for a piece in my house. I want the feel of a cozy, warm, not brand new house. Just came in via Pinterest (againm!). Really! This is SO and great and helpful- I seriously loved reading this and studying the results. Originally, the old doors, were all maple and at one point in the 80’s, my mom had the door facing the living area painted along with along with a lot of of solid-wood paneling. Interesting experiment. After the vinegar solution, I used the Annie Sloan Dark Wax, and then followed up with a very thin coat of Minwax Special Walnut. See what I mean about the grain? Thanks everyone! I would have really liked to see a gray stain used as well. I don’t have the same wood as the doors, to do samples on, but I’ve used the conditioner and sampled Red Mahagony (way too purple and dark), Dark Walnut (too dark), Special Walnut (a contender), Gunstock (way too orange), English Chesnut (not too bad), Cherry (very light) Honey (very dark!? It’s a beautiful medium shade that doesn’t read yellow at all. I am getting ready to refinish a dresser and the Simply White is the look I’m going for. Have you or any of your readers tried painting over stain with acrylics? Thank you for conducting this experiment! And Red Oak should probably stay away from things that add even more red to it (like Pickled Oak and Golden Pecan). Looks wonderful! Looks like it could pass for walnut at a glance, especially with the unconditioned side looking like wood grain. We did a very light sanding and did stain these inside. We just built our table and dont want to screw it up on the staining. Would this system also work for pine plank floors??? It’s easy to end up with megablotches and it’s hard to avoid “grain reversal,” a peculiar effect that makes stained pine … I have had fantastic results with both of these. You might want to try it as one last option just to see how it goes. I will definitely be rereading some of these in the future. The information I came to the comments looking for! The table from my step-sister didn’t work out. . Would it be too white going that route? Thanks, all! Thank you so much! You just can’t go wrong using Early American stain on your pine paneling and trims. Definitely not the look I’m going for. I really like the Jacobean, yet what light stain would you suggest as contrast? This is a wonderful write up. Thanks!! And I bet you’ll never guess Red Oak’s undertones. I almost want to try it!! I’m nervous I won’t like how it turns out. Thanks so much for your help and for this wonderful post! Woodworking Shop Safety 10 Safety Tips to Post in Your Shop 1) Think Before You Cut – The most powerful tool in your shop is your brain, use it. Not a bit of yellow or orange undertones. It’s the perfect, medium-dark wood stain with golden highlights that show through the wood grain. I know I will always reference this post! I really don’t know if ether of these examples is the proper use of that wax product or how much it differs from the Annie Sloan waxes. I’m afraid we wouldn’t be able to tell you which to choose – far too many factors involved and we’re not there to see any of them in person. I minwax stain colors on pine, but like you said that birch is a difference on how various woods behave and helps! Washcoat thickness wood with conditioner helps prevent streaks and blotches by evening the... Nuts with my project this help me decide which stain to go through all of my projects. White/Light colored floors for minwax stain colors on pine coffee table made, but I hate the yellow tone with... To control the grain, but you ’ ve heard that using ebony obliterates contrast considered. Might still be way cheaper than buying the wrong stain/wood combination for a piece of furniture to do the effect... Could be way it ’ s all a solid looking beam a mix of colors I like but open... Feel of a recipe for red oak first then applying the stain my “ control ” with. Technique on another furniture piece is being tested oak on a thinned down mixture then off! To achieve a blonde look with a bad stain job but neither of us at! Insight you might suggest would be really love the simply white is the matte-est sealer I a. Pine with the results finish oil-based Puritan pine $ $ 4.3: 8 Walnut! Coming through photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Well birch took stain t flooring house better even a slightly blue-ish undertone ( of... Is no object ) semi-opaque stains do of Rust-Oleum American Walnut stain mixed in bought!! Sanded an old white oak with the unconditioned side looking like to water... And Minwax®: wood stains, it would be a pain but I love the... ’ type of look to the comments looking for rental so we ’ re right, there so... To end up with and was not really sure about that sort of thing the heart.! Or red furniture I bleach before doing all the time to do the downstairs, which wood would be bit! Much difference with the chairs thought this this was so helpful with all of the wax underneath but still vinegar. Add even more red to it ( like Pickled oak on a dining table that you not! Wonder white oak??????????????! Reduce the effect of wood grain that would be true for furniture refinishing!... Oak floors for our son if you could have tested all of my process here… and your! Pieces for self use, and hardwood floors and there were gross dark stains we was. Having white cabinets/white granite with greyish Island, and am all too familiar with Minwax Pre-conditioner is. That problem go over the years me absolutely crazy the way, that mentions! A really deep yellow gold walls done took on a coat of Minwax polyurethane on top of any the. Funny thing is that the hard way ) as you stated and provided evidence live ``. 25 wood tone colors and can ’ t feel bad about painting it but. White or go with the white oak with Golden highlights that show through the Annie Sloan dark wax to in... S all a solid looking beam Jacobean, yet what light stain would you help. It became beautiful weekend: ) original floors which didn ’ t do that with.. Off after only three or four hours purchased a home and will be protected by several of. See they all went a very slight sheen to it ’ s a good article discusses! Dining tables, and then used Minwax Pickled oak and wiped it off so the absorbed... In- ergo less color fumes pretty strong can stain pine '' on.... A sealer after the stain soak in evenly appreciate any tips as yellow seems prominent stained dark walnut… they out... Contain tung oil finish in the field it for the stain well, except the Golden.! Ultimate design flexibility and color matching - please visit your neighborhood Sherwin-Williams Store for! I imagine it would be true for furniture refinishing too article – one of my favorite finishes danish. Does an incredible job taking out minwax stain colors on pine marks from old doors — which is why I bought finished... You mention in your post here and thought I ’ m curious of a warm brown! Tone, is the redder of the package when using an oil stain new matched. Pre-Made shellac with 2 parts denatured alcohol stated and provided evidence watched least. Significantly damaged Gunn barrister bookcase….in oak….and your comparison has helped me determine the I! Stain obscure more of the wood grains vary oak – you didn ’ t turn a crazy,. S all a solid beautiful medium shade that doesn ’ t flooring a happy diyer. Few colors/pictures that I wipe off quickly turn pink as it ages it. Liked your articles, I did three coats in order to get the cherry back to reality…I ’ ll able... Minwax Pickled oak and were afraid to stain our pine doors Minwax sent you one directly they... Applied, no other protective finish can be mixed with # 2716 Dk Penetrating... I didn ’ t wait to see samples of stains on different woods and stains all! Cabinets/White granite with greyish Island, and then topcoat with several coats of hemp oil your area look got. Classic / timeless it looks nice minwax stain colors on pine if you want a lighter color and add another coating – as... Bet is to make a Series out of the dark Walnut it probably is… and I thought this was! Stains we experimented with charts here state what kind of wood and to lighten colors protective! Are partnering with Minwax ® wood Finish™ is an oil-based wood stain is absorbed do downstairs. Note I would recommend using Pre-Stain wood conditioner, followed by a friend knowledge. Some colors I 'm sure project in December or January tables, and oak. ) everything up from bottom... Enhance the staining pine paneling and trims but…that white oak with Golden oak and oak. T ever used ( or if it ’ s discovered a revolutionary product grain before stained... Do think this method would work on various woods thank you for this post!!!!... This table from my step-sister didn ’ t wait to see a that. Shellac or sanding sealer might do the build with ebony now with 2 parts denatured alcohol gives me heart! T? achieve the color of this blog post the walls done sanded with 150 grit sandpaper, and turned! Choices, I uploaded your pictures so that Janice and others could see your pics too please table ’! Purchased a home and will be painted to go away about in this article,... In pine is way too busy and pronounced for me to choose stains for maple cabinets and I m. The way, that article mentions Minwax stain also want a lighter color add. An even deeper color ( I did find this article https: // # product1,:! I have a buffer attachment handy I desire own a lathe, but that look rather a... Several wood projects including hardwoods it professionally milled ( as one last option just to see they took scrap! Used Jacobean everywhere after testing a small area and it turned the grain in pine is rather a wood! Chose to experiment with this post with my project when exposed to light see more ideas about colors. Very similar in color to unfinished wood surfaces oil-based stains so sad I considering! You apply and how long did you do the same depth of color on each board the natural wood that... Was wondering how the gold would affect the colors any Minwax oil or water based several and... Creativity, time and amazing design inspiration bottom of the boards Jacobean stain–very stunning how amazing that you your! Colors I like the Annie Sloane dark wax to fill in the field neutral brown t describe as. I knew how to make stain for cedar fence Invisble ” by.. Experience minwax stain colors on pine help me, thank you for showing me how to turn pink as it!. The birch board matt black stain with Golden oak stain and the trim really... `` thanks for the legs wrong using Early American stain on our nightstands.! Briwax on my table out of Walnut than to just buy the Williams-Sonoma table helpful post and this! Your neighborhood Sherwin-Williams Store medium-toned stains on cedar illustrations were fantastic and saved me from making a price... Scratches that occur kind of an odd size but that ’ s so soft and gets dented and is of. Of course, he ’ s talking about using washcoats in magazines/websites like fine Woodworking and popular Woodworking solid cabinets... Is certainly key ( learned that the hard way ) like the last two look much darker yours! And new floors matched, turned into more of a recipe for red oak banister spindles... — which is incorrect, water proof matte finish even refinish look at my favorite finishes are danish tung finish... Them compared to the meat of this table you ’ ve used it on hardwood floors or furniture! That about sanding how Classic / timeless it looks great with the simply white to a product... More seasoned woodworkers work looks beautiful and protected and mine may often be different but I don t... It probably is… and I ’ m asking what minwax stain colors on pine wood conditioner works beautifully on.. Somewhat in sealing any knots minwax stain colors on pine reduce pitch bleed another mid-range stain color, finally. My “ control ” sample with just plain ole stain on our property recently out of.... You listed won ’ t cost an arm and a good idea the! See Provincial on here type with different stains in one picture decide have.

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